How To Get A Perfect Skin: Tips I've Got From Koreans (ENG SUB)

Hey everyone!I want my first video to be about korean skincare. why do i wanna do this? Have you seen the skin of most of korean people? it's so smooth, pimple-less and pore-less and what if i'll tell you that with the right irritation (which im not doing) you can also have such flawless skin! in the last few years i've done my research and tried to find out what's their secret and today i'm going to tell you few of the tips i've found! the first thing is the 10-steps routine which you should do every night. This routine includes the first step, which is removing your makeup. You have to remove ALL your makeup First, using a makeup remover and then wipe your face using makeup-remover wipes. the second step is also very very important it's the face cleansing just for being sure that there is no piece of dirt or makeup on your face you take a facial soup, rub it on your face and wash it out the third step is the exfoliating, and it is not reccomended to do more than 3 times a week now, the exfoliator can be a soft one which you can do 4-5 times a week or one really deep-cleansing which you should do less than 3-2 times a week. whatever you choose, i personally preffer the deep cleansing one. and this is really to make sure that your skin grows up as a new and clean skin, and clean pores no dead skin, just fresh.

the next step is the toner. the toner is in charge of balancing the acidity(?) in your skin and prepare the skin for the other products we gonna use. the most reccomended and popular toner in korea and the one which i had a great experience with is this toner of etude house from wonder pore collection which is really really good, it closes the pores and cleaning the skin and refreshing the skin, you can use it as a refresher as well like, if youre hot and you feel dirty from sweating you can put some on a cotton pad and rub it over your face and youre good as new ;) the next step is the essence essence is basically preparing your skin and...... preparing your skin for a better absorption of the next products this is the essence that i use which is also very popular in korea it's also from the wonder pore collection of etude house it's really really good, and at those times i used skincare a lot it really really helped me and healed my pimples amazing. the next step which is also the favorite of every skin care lover i've ever met is the sheet mask! as you can see, i have a LOT of masks but the one i reccomend the most is this mask of tony moly from the i'm real collection, the pore care one just because it closes the pores and smoothen the skin, and in the morning your skin will look flawless like a baby's!!! it's important to note that after you put off the mask please absorb the lefties into your skin in circular motions and massage your face the massage is really important for the muscles and blood and it really really helps the skin the next step is the serum a serum treats a specific problem you have in your skin redness, dry skin, akne, etc i personally have no serum since i have no specific problem so i won't show you what i have, because i don't have and after the serum you should put on an eye cream an eye cream is not only for old people there are eye creams that brighten up your under-eye area and will make you look less tired in the morning and also streching that area so you wont have eye bags this is the eye cream that i use it is also very very popular in korea, i bought it because i heared so much good things about this product it is from the moistfull collagen collection of etude house (yeah i use a lot of etude house's products) and it's really really helpful and beautiful the last step is the moisturizer now, for moisturizer it is reccomended to buy two types a morning cream, and a night cream i bought both of the types, the morning cream and the night cream the morning cream you just put in the morning after you wash your face (very important to wash your face) and the night cream you put on as the last step of the 10 steps routine it's important to me to say that those creams are really really good, they give such flawless shine to your skin and makes it so smooth and poreless and really helps your skin look much more beautiful now, except for those 10 steps, it is really important to eat right which the diet is based basically on fruits and vegetables i personally don't love fruits and vegetables, that's why my skin is kinda bad and drink a LOT of water! it's so important! not only for the skin, but also for your health i drink 3L of water DAILY thanks god i'm healthy another secret that basically it is really important and NO ONE talks about it is removing facial hair facial hair, especially those that grows here usually makes the skin look dirtier and darker so it's important to remove this hair it will bring light to your face and make it look much more beautiful (i sound like my mom lol) and makes the skin smoother try it once and see how much it improves the situation and update me! yes, it hurts, really hurts but it worths it. also very important that when you put on primer or foundation, pay attention and check if there's talc or sillicon it is filling the pores and will bring you pimples and will give you black heads and it's really terrible yeah i broke my nails, yay so try to avoide this such of products and if there's no choice than try to remove it the best you can at the end of the day with exfoliation and everything. bleach it idk lol and for the most important thing.

continuity. it won't help if you will do skincare for two days or for a week and than you will stop it it just won't help. if you really wanna see an improvement and achive good results than persist.

you have to persist. okay? i can tell about myself that for a month i did skincare every night i did the 10 steps routine and ate a lot of vegetables and fruits, drank a lot of water i haven't done any makeup! and my skin was just like... like a doll's. and then i left it all and returned to my normal skin, which i'm really sorry about and i really really want to come back to this and, you know what? a challenge: i will come back to the skincare routine.

00:07:57,495 --> 00:08:00,185i also forgot to say that it is summer now. and when you go out to the sun the sun is really harmful for your skin and... if you really wanna take care of your skin put on sun protector.i know that it sounds nerdy and not israeli but... put on sun protector!!! it is so important, and it will protect you you can even re-put your sun protector every few hours it really worth it.

i really don't know any korean that goes out in the summer without putting on sun protection. and it is one of their biggest secrets, they just won't let the sun harm their skin from young age another thing that is important to say make sure that you use products that suits your skintype pay attention to what is your skin color (wait, what skin color) (what, i'll film the video from the begining because of this? well, no) pay attention to what is your skin TYPE dried, oily, normal pay attention to this and choose the products that suits you because it is really important now, something that i wanna reccomend for girls with oily and sensitive skin like mine is this soap of swanicoco it is called snail care skin toner it is really really REALLY good i had it until like... two years ago? and it's empty, and i have no idea where to buy it i will try to search and if i'll find i'll put the link down below (done! found it) it is really amazing, i'm a fan. it leaves the skin just... clean and fresh. no sensitivity, just amazing. the problem is that it's made of snails lol so if you have no problem with it than buy it, it really worth it. and that's it basically! if you have any more requests or questions write it in the comment section, i'll be more than glad to answer and if you liked the video please hit the like button and subscribe to my channel! i promise that there will be a lot of videos like this you can even request any kind of video in the comments and that's it! you can follow me on snapchat and instagram (just me being cringy).

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