How To Get Rid Of Love Handles

Yo what's up guys it's Mike and in this video I'm gonna talk about how to get rid of these annoying ass love handles I swear like sometimes I just want to grab them just like cut it off I actually had a lot of guys come up to me and go man I wish I could just cut it off though always like pulling at it this looks familiar like pulling at this like that well that doesn't get rid of it quick reminder before we start while my supplies last I'm gonna be giving out free atham or fuel samples to everybody on YouTube.

For you guys if you want to try after more fuel just go to free after burn com2 sign up what most guys think of how to get rid of love handles is by doing what working the hell out of your obliques right that is probably one the worst ways to get rid of your love handles if you are trying to get rid of love handles and you're doing a lot oblique work you want to stop all of it immediately the reason why is because you're building muscle underneath here which is all fine and dandy but all you doing is pushing the fat out if you still got this fat right you need to be totally shredded you need to have no love handles by the time you actually start working on obliques the way to get rid of love handles is actually to go ahead and burn the fat off.

While you're doing ab work and you can do ab work of you know if you still have a lot of fat here but just remember number one you're not gonna see your abs pop out until the fats gone and number two no matter what it is make sure that you don't ever work on the sides here unless you want your love handles or you want your sides or your waistline to be bigger. Okay, you can always work on the abs here even if you had the fat because it does make your abs stronger and you will see these abs way way way before you ever get rid of your love handles.

Number one don't work on those at all you need to go and do workouts. Okay, you need to workout because you need to build your muscle to increase the metabolism in your body the higher your metabolism is the more muscles you have the more fat you get to burn and guess what your love handles are it's bad you know see you got to burn it off number two is you have to go ahead and eat clean make sure you structure your meals that this way it doesn't allow you to want to always cheat if you workout and you don't die you're not gonna get rid of your love handles right.

How To Get Rid Of Love Handles

You got to work out consistently consistent means minimum about four days a week now don't get crazy and just do like you know two or three hour work I'm talking about 21 20 minute workouts are really good you can go up to about an hour but don't spend more than an hour. All right, four days a week if you want to go max out five days a week give your body a rest for two days on a diet part make sure don't worry always about eating you know five or six meals every single day because a lot of people get.

Caught up in that they end up eating cleaner meals but they eat.

Much more calories than regular that at the end their calorie intake is almost about the same you know what I mean like a lot of people don't try to they don't eat a lot of diet foods in the beginning they just kind of you whatever they want and they only end up eating like twice a day and then they go to start you know they start becoming a lot more aware of the type of foods are eating and now they're eating healthy meals but then now they're eating five to six healthy meals a day and when you add up the total and calories a lot of times they may end up eating more calories when they try to eat healthy.

Don't make that mistake because you'll wonder why you're doing everything right and your love handles are still there the third thing is doing some cardio keep in mind when I say cardio though I don't mean to spend a lot more time because remember when your workout is only gonna be anywhere from 20 minutes up to an hour that a lot of times includes some cardio. Okay, so. This is what I mean make sure your cardio is always done after your resistent training after your muscle building workouts.

This way you don't exhaust your muscles before you actually use them your cardio doesn't need to be more than really about 10 minutes long max what I usually do personally is I would do news anywhere from about 45 minutes of weight training up to an hour max then I will finish off either with some ABS or cardio and abs and the cardio I'm talking about is really just gonna be mostly plot metric type of cardio and I got a very short one that I'm going to show you today that's only gonna take about six minutes long but don't worry even though it's only six minutes it's actually pretty intense the way we're gonna do it on this one it's gonna be three exercises we're gonna be doing 30 seconds each round and we're gonna be doing four rounds total no rest in between do the best you can and also we're gonna be holding time with a iphone. Okay.

Basically every iPhone has has an option right here if you see right here is this clock.

There's a lot of different ways to keep time sometimes they use like little Jim boss timer but today I'm just gonna use the iPhones hit clock right there and there's options on the bottom you have world clock alarm stopwatch and timer.

What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go with timer.

This way I'm gonna put six minutes because there's only six minutes total thirty seconds each round there's three exercises.

It's like a minute half around times four.

Don't forget guys if you want to get rid of love handles make sure you're doing all three of these things if you miss out on one the chances of you getting rid of it is gonna be tough get your workouts in five days a week four days a week stay consistent on it and Kay don't spend more than an hour max 20 minutes minimum number two make sure your diet is on point. Okay, don't try to eat five or six meals. Okay, just keep the meals healthy and eat whenever you're hungry or whatever you're starving right give yourself a chance to be a little hungry.

It allows your body to burn a little bit more fat and a number three is do a short cardio session after every workout to ensure they burn the maximum amount of calories. Okay, your cardio session only needs to be about five to ten minutes long. All right.

The three exercises is gonna be first a jumping knee tucks.

Jump up come down and jump up that is gonna be the cardio section really to get the heart rate going burn insane amount of calories and fat the next one is gonna be a seated leg raise I'm gonna sit down put your hands back right here put your feet together lift it off the ground and race it's similar to doing like a lying leg raise it's where your body's all the way down but you're gonna sit sit up a little bit.

This way it works your abs a little bit more more of the top part here and last exercise is gonna be high knees all you do put your hands right here about where your belly button is and touch your knees to it.

We're gonna be going for six minutes I'll type back my hair look at this guy's I can almost tie this thing back and don't talk smack about my pink for a bit. All right, okay. All right, as the only one I had today guys ready six minutes let's do it you know I've read the comments and people go cut your hair Mike look just.

You guys know I'm gonna grow it all the way to where I can tie it back completely I don't have to tear my face we went over about ten seconds.

Now we're going to add and simmer seconds okay. All right, route to back to jump in these hyper keys we got four minutes left even though it's only six minutes when there's no rest it's not for you guys if you're doing this exercise and you're not getting winded try to put some weight on it that always tell but enough talk 2 minutes and 50 seconds left I'll keep it keep this in mind the more you wait the harder these fog metric exercises are gonna be how much they're got 2 minutes and 20 seconds left come on guys we can do it reason why is because you're maybe not lifting weights when your body's still weight and you got a little extra weight on you make the world of difference I got a minute 45 seconds left. All right, that's right guys that's minute half just keep on pushing then you can do oh hey there you go time we're done. Okay.

There it goes six minutes of cardio working your abs awesome awesome way.

Now if you did that with me out of three got one knocked out and don't forget still get your workouts in and make sure you get your diet in.

I hope this video helps you out next time you got people telling you I'm gonna get rid of love handles I'm gonna do a whole what you'll bleach worse side planks tell them to watch this video or just go ahead and educate him no no most people really don't know and it's really gonna really gonna help because I've been knowing about this for a while now and I almost never ever trained well bleach really just for that reason.

It's alright enough to get rid of belly fat.

You want to try to make sure you don't have things working against you.

Hope this video helps you out don't forget more workouts more intuition check out see ya guys next time please.

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