How to get the most out of the LEATHER SCRUB BRUSH!!! Door panels, seats, windows, headliner!!

How's it going my friends I'd like to backtrack a little bit if I could I want to go back to the leather scrub rush eleven dollars on average a little bit more expensive some places cheaper and other if you have it if you're thinking about getting it it does.

Much more than just clean leather let me show you it has been great for any hard surface really that has a textured or rough surface plastic on the door panels - center console anything like that those tiny bristles even help clean the speaker grilles just simply apply a mild APC or even some warm water to the panel itself that you're trying to clean or directly on to the scrub brush and then get to work down at the bottom of the door panel where people rub their the soles of their shoes and leave black marks the tool removes those as well with a little bit of scrubbing and there you have a nice clean door panel not much effort at all before I jump to another part of the vehicle I'll quit cleaning it off and I'll do that with compressed air quick and easy and it gets the surface of that scrub brush pretty pretty much back to brand-new another area where I found that works well is the short nap cloth seats such as this one right here it has four or five spots on it we're going to remove here here here and all you do is apply a little bit of product doesn't take much and go in circles agitate a little bit and mop it dry and there it is didn't take long at all didn't take much effort and again did a very good job windows how this was brought to me this was brought to my attention by one of my viewers and it is a great idea it gets in around where my fingers the tips of my fingers can't on side windows the mirrors and especially on the inside of the windshield and the inside of the back window where I have most of my problems combine this tool with the Cinch window cleaner and windows are a most fun again well no but you get what I mean [Music]. This is where it's real helpful for me especially where I can't get my fingertips I can't twist and turn as I did when I was a bit younger.

It kind of helps me reach into those really hard to get to places and does a good job follow that up with a nice clean dedicated window towel and you're in good shape now my favorite new area of the vehicle to use this tool is the headliner those soft little bristles are just gentle but also just firm enough to safely remove spots and stains from the headliner all you really have to do is apply your favorite APC cut at ten to one make it mild put a little bit on the the tool the surface of the tool get up in there agitate in a circular motion and it pretty much removes everything I've gone after.

Far follow that up with a clean microfiber to mop up the area and you have yourself a good combo there yeah guys I'm digging this little thing I have one I throw in a bucket for the rough or coarse textured surfaces plastics like your door panels - stuff like that and then I also use that one for Windows as well and I also keep one clean for headliner and cleaning leather of course.

How to get the most out of the LEATHER SCRUB BRUSH!!! Door panels, seats, windows, headliner!!

I have two or three at each station and I think they're great for for the money not sure how long they'll hold up but I'll keep an eye on that and pass it on to you guys Brian from apex detail will catch you in the next one.

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