How to Install a Peel and Stick Tile Backsplash

Welcome some by the daughter projects I'm Seth I'm Vicki and today we're in my kitchen and we're going to use a peel and stick stone tile to turn this into this today we're using a product provided by aspect this is a peel and stick backsplash tile and it comes in genuine stone glass and even metal you can find it at a home depot and order online when I first moved in my house we actually purchased a traditional backsplash but we returned it because it seemed like there's gonna be a lot of work to cut around all the outlets I have in my kitchen so when we solved this product we thought it'd be a great solution because you can cut it with tin snips or utility knife even a miter saw join us as we peel and stick steps new backsplash first we did a dry run of the tile placement then we moved on to prepping the wall we use a heat gun to soften the old caulk then we used a cock removal tool to have a smooth base for the tile we clean the wall and countertop edge with mineral spirits next we needed to prime the wall so we use frog tape to protect the edges and vertical stopping points we use kilts primer as a tile instruction suggested frog tape is great in this application because it gives you a very clean painted edge with no bleed through once dried we remove the frog tape once the surface is prepped we moved on to fitting our tile to cut around the outlets we use the plate as a guide marking just within the plate to be sure the plate completely covered the tile the tile has natural breaks which we try to utilize when marking outlet cuts when an edge ended on a natural break we just used a utility knife to cut away the backing we use the previous tile laid over the new tile to figure out where to cut the next tile the vertical cuts were easy to make with ten snips horizontal cuts were made with rubber mallet and chisel we continued to lay out our tile and make cuts for the outlets and switches the backing was very easy to remove we did a light fit to make sure the place moves right then we push firm to get a strong hold we replace the covers as we went when we came to the window molding we decided to make a paper pattern of the trim we drew out the pattern cut it out and trace it onto the tile to be cut to finish off the smaller sections we use leftover pieces of cut tile and put it into place for some spots we made a paper guide we cut out the paper guide and trace it on to the tile to finish the edges we use a scrap piece of molding and cut it to size on the miter saw we prime painted and put it into place using finishing nails what we learned the key to any successful DIY project is to read the directions and that's what we did read the directions cover to cover one thing to know is when we were cutting the tile we noticed that some of the some of the stone came off which is totally normal but it made our hands a little itchy so you might want to wear gloves if you're if you're going to use this product and another thing is when we are cutting around the molding on my window we made a little paper guide as we're doing that I found this tool and this is called a contour gage and basically this is you put around the molding and it will make a little cut out of exactly the cut you need making your tile so that can make things easier for seven bucks it seems like a good investment for this type of project you're probably wondering about the cost we used about 20 square feet of the aspect tile and it came in about three hundred dollars which is comparable to a traditional stone tile but the difference is you're not paying for adhesive grout or the rental of a wet saw and if you were to have a professionally install the traditional tile it cost about 400 dollars for 25 square feet in the big box store so this is a very affordable doable DIY project the thing that took the most time with this project was measuring so you think everything be nice and straight in my kitchen but that wasn't the case the countertops were a little off the cabinets were a little off so we haven't made some interesting cuts to make it work but that's you're going to run into that with any of these kind of projects the tiles been up for a couple of days now we've had no issues there's nothing's come loose nothing's fallen off but if it were to come off we would just use some construction adhesive on the back pop it back in place and we're good to go so if you want to see more projects like this make sure you visit us at mother daughter projects com we solved this product in person we were very mazed because we thought this would be a great solution like amazed like whoa okay Wow where did that word come from my gosh amazing Oh much like it wasn't a magic trick it looked like it it looks like a good fit
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