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What's up freedom Snickers welcome to the freedom theory my name is kaylee and josh josh is definitely you done and josh is trying to rude what's up you guys so today is an exciting day I'm getting back to doing some of the little projects I need to do in the RV some of you guys may remember that I installed these about a year or so ago and they're smart tiles so they're the ones that you just stick on well while we were in Canada at the Whitehorse Walmart they happen to have some stick on tiles so these are peel and stick and they are this brand and I think they look real nice they kind of look a little dull with the plastic so here's what they look like without and they fit our colors perfectly trying to find the name of like what colors these are let's see I don't really have a name for them they're just there these ones so we're going to put these in the bathroom and I'll show you what what I've got that looked like it's really easy to prep here is the bathroom I haven't really decided if I'm going to go all the way up to the medicine cabinet I think I will and then just come over this way but all you have to do to prep the wall for these is to just wash them so I just cleaned clean them with a little bit of spray cleaner wiped it down and now it is dry the other place I want to put these is actually making like a little seam because I don't want to putty this and this is where our toilet paper roll used to be and we have a very small bathroom I mean it is it is a very small bathroom so I figured why not just go ahead and cover this and just make a pretty little detail around it and then that'll be covered up all done like super easy and I apologize in advance for the noise that is going to be coming from the AC but it's really hot today a very warm so and Josh rose he roasts in there like a little chicken without his AC so we gotta have that on and use vert just hanging out we went on a nice big walk this morning and he always dislikes me after that don't you buddy you always dislike the walks huh no he loves them he just gets so tuckered out but this is my makeshift little work area I definitely suggest cutting on like cardboard or something like that so you don't scratch up counters and things like that so I've put up her a little pop-up table and to start off I'm just going to cut off these ends because this is going to be the start of our pattern and then you lay the mosaics over top actually I could do this the other way could go this way hmm thinking thinking thinking yeah so this is the way they come in the package with this side still left so I'm just gonna go ahead and do it that way just because that'll be easier for me to remember not like this is really hard but okay I'm gonna go ahead and take my razor blade and cut that okay we got our nice line all did and all I have to do is peel off the backing line it up like so and then stick it on and we're rolling just gonna go ahead and get this at least feel exactly like the smart tiles just exactly like them so there we go taking that off okay and now it's going to line it up with that edge okay now let's go get the next one so this is how the next one's gonna go you just layer it over top get them lined up where you want them to be and stick them on yes that's what they look like so far kind of like these are kind of like mirror so you move to a different angle and they look kind of gray then you move to the front they look black really like that so this next part the last ones I had down here they were very very little I just basically bought like one sheet and I just wanted to have something cute and little to go around the bottom and I had just pushed the corner in and just left a little gap right here but for these ones I'm actually gonna measure this I'm gonna measure this from the corner to where it meets the next tile and then cut that from the smart tile itself are the Aurora tiles as these are called already so I went ahead and did that now this is all ready to go in the place one wall all done oh it looks so next coming right along we only have a couple more to do not too many cuts either that looks so good okay I think I think I like it at this height I think it looks really nice now I'm just gonna measure from here out to here to this edge and I'll be done one cut and it's not messy I swear these tiles were designed for me I have no patience and I don't like getting things messy so and they can also be changed you know if you hate these they're stickers they're not gonna ruin anything you can change them up so if you're indecisive smart tiles are a great way to go and they last two already there's a completed project I'm going to do the bathroom next and see how that turns out I will need a leveler for that I'm not excited I like simplicity this looks really good I'm impressed with these I mean they feel exactly like the smart tiles I think they're a little bit cheaper than actual smart tiles and I'm digging them it is finished oh it looks so good this is a lot harder than I thought it was gonna be because these were all the top portions of each tile thing and they didn't repeat within each little square so I had to take gosh one two three four five five of these and put them together and only as a top part but that kind of works out because I am i think most definitely going to finish this I just didn't really want to bother with moving that that was kind of my biggest thing I could work around it but I'd rather just take it down I just didn't want to get out the drill that's really the whole thing but I've got enough to finish this I could just go ahead and do this part could just do that do I want to do that I can't decide yeah I'm gonna still have to get the drill out cuz I'm gonna be a perfectionist and I'm not gonna cut them yeah mmm just little thoughts inside my head right now but it looks really good I really really like it I wish I would have bought more I was thinking it would look really nice to go on like around the top of the bathroom but I really just need to get more of the molding and just finish this out oh all these like little things to do not a big deal but a little stuff subscribe to see our daily adventures you can also follow us on our blog Facebook page and Instagram all of our social media links are down below thank you so much to our patreon supporters on patreon we appreciate your support of our channel so much a huge thank you to our sponsor RV lock we've been using an RV lock for over a year now and loved the ability to forget our keys and use a touchpad to get into our RV our V lock is offering our subscribers a discount use the code freedom twenty four twenty percent off your next RV lock purchased locks are available for fifth wheels travel trailers and now classes you'll also find locks for your compartment storage toy haulers cargo trailers and much more check out the links in the description down below we'll see you guys next time
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