How To Lock & Unlock The Tria Age-Defying Laser

I'm making this video because i know one time I panicked and I locked my tria by accident and i forgot i didn't even know how to lock and unlock it.

Right now I locked it because i'm outside.

I'm going to unlock it right now what you do is you press and hold that when you hear for beeps 1 2 3 4 lift up and it's on that's how its opening it did you see any I don't know if you.

Let's lock it.

How To Lock & Unlock The Tria Age-Defying Laser

You want to lock it you have to turn it on and then you press it and hold it wait a minute. Okay, let's do it again I know how to do it it's. Okay, Sam a real person wait turn it on it's hard to see it and that's what it's on. Okay, and then you had to turn it off and then hold it one announced locked it locked that noise did you hear it yes. Okay, I'm gonna unlock it again it's very easy to unlock it you just press and hold it for four Beach listen one two three four that's open if you keep your finger on it will keep beeping it has to do for beeps and it unlocks let's lock it again cuz i'm leaving.

I turned it on and then I press and hold it wait there we go now it's locked that leather snows means it's lock watch it won't go on see there's no light it's locked let's how you lock it I tell you unlock it I hope you understood me. Okay, I.

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