How to loom knit baby booties with knifty knitter loom

This is a really simple baby booty pattern using your pink one with a divider you'll need living hook crafters Neil's crochet hook and one skein yarn I said. This is simple it takes probably an hour if you're not quick at looming 30 minutes you're quick because it's only about 20 rows total alright.

Let's get started you're going to put the divider in a spot where you would have a total 20 pegs that you're working 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 19 and 20 go ahead and cast on I like using the e-rep because you can really tighten it after you're done go in and toss it over which is a knit me it's a tighten it there's a couple of different ways of doing it but this doesn't it.

Just pass it over you now you want to go in and pearl your way around.

Take the hook from that top loop pull it up under Thunder under and do that all the way around you release and you want to go around knit purl knit purl and you want to do that to row eight so. This is already Row two.

How to loom knit baby booties with knifty knitter loom

The next row will be Row 3 4 and.


Knit a row purl a row up to row 8 you're fixing to start Row 3 we've just finished our soul which is our eighth row.

Row 9 we're just going to go in and straighten it around and you're going to do that for row 9 and 10 you go around again the next row starts or decrease we've got and now we want to do our decrease and. This is how I do it I go ahead and I make sure I keep my finger of them go ahead and pop it up bite around move it forward to the next slot pop it in go ahead and move this stitch over there to that peg this one over to that peg and knit around you you now that you got your first you want to do that same decrease three more times.

Move it and ever nit around do that three more times until you're down to a total of 12 pegs you just completed your last decrease.

You're now down to 12 pegs you're going to go ahead and you're going to knit around straight you now you're going to purl around you you. Okay, then you want to do a knit around purl and knit which should be rows 17 through 19. Okay, we've done that now you'll want to do your cast up and you want to do it loose because the babysit has to go through the hole.

We're going to take our first peg off and put it on the crochet hook pull through take next peg out pull through pull through take the next peg off pull through pull through continue around you pull it through and I usually take here pull that through that's true we'll take scissors. Okay, many mm kind of around and and then you want to tighten up your cast on to find your end when you see that then you notice start here pull pull Oh you you take your extra inside.

If your bottom you you yep but feed that in Oh mayor as your little bitty there's your little Sheen's little baby booties fast quick simple there's your soul there you now if you want to do a larger sized booty then you want to just use the whole thing and then when you start your decrease and you add the divider and move down you're going to do one extra decrease and I've made notes on my blog on adjustments.

That if you wanted to do a bigger pair that's how to do it usually that's a little bit of an extra row at the sole or two rows at the sole and a couple of rows at the top and there's there's a little extra on them here and there but that's how you'd make a larger size for a child and you can have an adult size you want to do your yellow loom that's long and you can do an adult size like that and that's adjusted I put some notes on my blog about on the pattern but at some point I will probably go in and do a full tutorial alright.

Fast simple and do it in 30 minutes to an hour you.

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