How to Make a Personalized Message Necklace

Hi. This is julie with nunn design pendant and we have a couple other videos showing you something similar but in this case I want to show you how to wire wrap these message beads and make them.

That they can spin which is really fun you almost end up with an abacus look to this design.

Here is a sample I made ahead of time and I'm going to actually do a couple things a little bit different in the video just.

You have a side-by-side comparison of how you can alter this technique to really change the look of your finished piece.

How to Make a Personalized Message Necklace

You'll note in this design here I used a gold plated open print pendant and then the silver plated beads.

That kind of created a nice contrast I use really colorful beads in between.

That it looked like a children's type peace with all the colors and then I used a 24 gauge wire to wire wrap the beads now to change things up a little bit in the video I'm going to make my beads match my print my pendant.

I've got them both in the silvertone most are going to match my wire.

Everything is going to be very cohesive looking i'm going to use not quite as colorful beads but still pretty and colorful but you could get away with a silver bead or crystal which I did consider for this video but I didn't think you'd be able to see it as well on camera.

I went with these other beads which are a czech glass bead mix size 11 oh and then i'm going to be using 26 gauge wire instead of 24 just to show you how that would look to let you know you can use both gauges 26 is actually a little easier to work with as well.

For your supplies you need some czech glass seed beads or whatever other beads you want to use you can really switch things up a lot with this design but that's what i'm using size 11 o got three of these message beads got the one nunn design open frame pendant i'm using 26 gauge artistic wire and I've cut myself 24 inches of it and then I've got a pair of cutters and a chain nose.

Let me show you how you do this and I actually want to wear this necklace I think it's really fun.

We're going to start by creating some wraps along the top corner of this pendant.

That's going to anchor our wire.

I'm just going to feed the wire through the open frame pendant have a tail that's just long enough for me to hold on to and I'm going to create a wrap.

Just going to carefully work with the wire.

It doesn't get tangled or knotted and feed it through and then we're going to wrap it around like.

And we want nice tight wraps that are close together just going to keep feeding it through now i'm using a thinner gauge wire like i mentioned then what i did in my sample piece and.

Because of that i'm going to be looking more at the amount of space versus the number of wraps before i start adding beads because we definitely want to make sure we have enough room for these beads to spin which means i don't want to start adding the bead too close to the top of this open frame pendant and as these wraps are creating the neff of a gap from the top of the pendant to where the beach is going to be placed.

That it can spin.

We're going to need to eyeball that there's a lot of different message beads out there.

You can really pick whichever one speak to you or if you're making this as a gift I know that there's a couple thats a survivor faith love lot of different ones.

Whatever really has a personal meaning to you it's nice to be able to customize your jewelry or like I.

If you're making a gift you can really tailor it to whomever the recipient is.

I'm making these wraps and I'm pushing them together as I go.

That they're tight together don't worry about the tale that you started with right now at the end is when we're going to trim it off I think I'm ready to add my first bead.

I'll make sure those wraps are tight.

I'm going to be stringing it across here like.

So let me just see you know what I might do one more wrap just.

I have a little bit more room that's a good way to gauge it is just to line it up and make sure that it looks like you'll have enough room. Okay.

Let's try adding that bead now I don't want the bead to be right up against the side.

I'm going to put on a couple seed beads first i'm going to add to let those guys drop down the wire here and now i'm going to add a message bead.

I want to make sure my message bead is facing the right direction.

I'm going to string it on and before I add any other beads I'm going to let it go down here and make sure I like how it's facing ok and I do now I could either add a whole string of beads here and then put this one over here or leave it like.

I'm going to put it like this and it looks like in the process here I lost one bead I remember I had strung on too.

It's good to check your work as you go.

I'm going to add one more bead bead and then my message bead ok let's make sure that we can spin which we can good.

Now I'm going to add eight more of the seed beads.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and now I'm going to see if that fills enough of the space to reach the other side of the open frame pendant and it does so. This is how it's going to look.

Now we're going to go ahead and create some more wraps and he knows i just went straight across. Okay.

Hold that and now you're going to create more wraps you do want to make sure that these are nice and tight. Okay, i'm going to scoot my beads a little bit out of the way because my wire keeps hitting them might be a little easier if they're just scooted back a little bit.

Again in terms of how many wraps you do will really be dependent on how close to your wraps are to each other there's not necessarily a set number but you're looking more again this space because we want to add that next bead but we want to make sure it to can spin without bumping into the first bead that we added I'm just looking at it it looks like somewhere between an eighth and a fourth of an inch it stays closer to a fourth of an inch. Okay, let's see how this looks.

In this case as you see in the sample we staggered the beads that's what we want to again.

We're going to try adding two seed beads as well as a message bead.

This says love.

Why don't we do laughs I know the normal fraises live laugh love but we can do this in any order we want because we're the designers here. All right.

That's going to be properly oriented and it looks like it will spin which is great.

Let's go ahead and add eight more seed beads one two three four five six seven eight again stretch it all the way across and we're going to do more wraps this point you've probably got the hang of how to do this we're just going to be repeating this process to add the last message bead and then just a couple rows of seed beads.

Feel free if you've got this process to fast forward to the end of this video where I'll show you how to take care of your ends but also feel free to join me as I finish up this video here adding all the beads.

I think part of the difference between the 24 gauge and the 26 gauge wire the 24 gauge is definitely thicker.

You see it more.

It becomes more of a design element whereas the 26 gate is gauge especially if you're using a matching color wire to your open frame pendant really just kind of blends in and disappears.

You don't see it as much.

That's kind of something to keep in mind if you're choosing which gauge you want to use in the course which color of pendant you want to use as well. Okay.

We need to do our last bead. This is the front.

It should be enough room and again we want it on this side now.

They don't bump into each other.

Let's add 2 seed beads we're going to add the live bead test this make sure it goes on right I think it's going to be like this but I'm not entirely sure see yes.

That's going to the proper orientation.

Let's add our other eight seed beads and then we want to test to make sure it spins again before we do the wrappings.

There's four five six seven and eight and let's see looks like that's going to spin just fine.

Stretch it across. Okay, and then we're going to do more wrappings.

On this one actually kind of think it might be fun to do a little something different than the sample as I'm seeing how. This is developing I don't think I want the extra strands of beads down at the bottom and I want these guys to be centered.

What I'm going to do is I'm just going to carefully scoot these down make sure they're evenly spaced still it's kind of the beauty of this design is you can play with it a little bit let's see that's straight that's straight that's straight there we go pull that down.

Now it's centered and I think I'm just going to end it like this i think it's really fun to just have those floating in the middle.

We're going to tuck in our wires now if you do want to do the extra bead strands like you see here all you would do the same exact process you would just now fill this wire with beads stretch it across do a couple wraps just maybe two or three and then do the next one and string it across and then finish it the same way i'm going to show you right here.

We've got a good five six wraps and we want to just make sure we have the same amount of wraps as we had to start with.

It looks even.

It looks like we had maybe seven or eight up there and you see I'm working with my wire to make sure it doesn't get kinked up as I go. Okay.

What I want to do now I want to trim off my wire ends and I want to trim them in a place they're not going to end up poking me when I wear this.

I want it to be trimmed at the very edge here if you can see where it's not quite flush against the back of the open pendant because that might prick me but I want it to be just ever.

Slightly in and then I want to take my chain nose and I want to really flatten it and squish it in there same with on this side and then let's see what we've got.

A different look you've got these spinning message beads and then here was the other one that we did where we have more of it being family-based and kid-friendly.

Two different looks but. This is how you would wire wrap message beads onto a nun design open frame pendant you.

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