How To Make an Awl

Hi my name is Lynn and. This is the Darwin / Channel I love making my own tools.

Today I'm going to be making a very simple yet practical tool for the shop and all or an icepick.

Let's get started to make an awl you need something sharp like a nail I prefer stainless steel some type of handle and you can either make a handle on the lid you can shape it with a chisel or a spoke shake or you can simply sand a handle to shape a ferrule is nice but not necessary and you can use some copper tubing for that and you need to epoxy to attach the nail and the ferrule to handle to make my handle I decided to use the lathe and I'm using a walnut blank here mainly I'm focusing on two parts here the ferrule part which in order to fit the copper pipe they needs to be half an inch in diameter and then the knob part which you hold in your hand in which I want to be nice and round and smooth of course. This is where you can get very creative with your design and either make a long more slender handle or a chubby one like this one a little sander and the handle is done next I'm finding the center here in using another all to make a mark there after drilling a hole the size of the nail I'm using.

Now I have a nail here and I'm looking at how long I want it and marking where to make the cut and I'm just using a hacksaw here to sharp the nail up a bit I'm using a rasp and next we have the ferrule so. This is half an inch copper pipe and using a pipe cutter here.

How To Make an Awl

Finally I have all the parts now it's time to mix up some epoxy and glue on the ferrule and the nail in that I'm adding a little more epoxy to fill in that extra part to make everything nice and smooth.

I'm very happy about the way this one came out really kind of like the shit and I made the copper ferrule a little higher and then I filled in this part with epoxy but you could of course just make it a shorter and then sand it smooth otherwise thank you guys.

Much for watching I'm Lynn and. This is the Darwin orbit channel don't forget to check out my shop and my website all the links are in the description below and if. This is your first time here don't forget to subscribe for more content thanks.

Much for watching and I'll see you soon bye.

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