How To Make Blackcurrant Candied Almonds - By One Kitchen Episode 705

[Music] hey guys my boys one kitchen I'm Julia so candied almonds is a very normal Christmas trees here during december and then like i showed you guys how to make these last year and right now i'm going to take the avinash and make them bit more christmas eve by the cover i am going to add them into some black currant fruit powder it is freeze-dried fruit and then blend it until it is into this powder here you can also do it raspberries strawberries by of course um yeah you can pretty much just do it with any freeze dried berries and then just to give it a bit more of a cool color already i also have this kind of shiny powder it is edible and has no flavor so I think these two you will go well together let's make some really nice-looking almonds you can also leave the safe here and just makes delicious candy almost without this reddish color here an event here guests have lots of almonds sugar and also going to add an extra portion of water and now i'm just going to fit as you come to me for alright so as you can see you guys it is now start to wobble in here now i'm just going to keep having a high heat stir in it quite often and then at some point this year will get very dry that is what you want so is really starting to look dry but I'm still going to keep stirring it because it is not quite dry enough the water is very soon evaporated hummus and when it is completely dry and starts to melt again it is there we are going to be very quickly to remove this year from the pan I've already prepared some baking paper on my table so you can really see it starts to get dry now so it is now started to melt over here which is what we are looking for and just going to stir a few times more then it is time to remove it [Music] hey don't stick together which is really really good if I stick together just very quickly if hope to move them from each other I'm just going to see a cool-down about it alrighty so what I'm going to do now is just to add my black currant freeze-dried powder into a bag together with some of my reddish glimmer powder shiny powder and then just add in a little all of my almonds and just really shake the bag well an hour set they are ready to be saved [Music] it's not time for the Texas here guys I really love how do you really see that glitter shine shine on there and then that British color and i love that fruity chase that black here and gives them mmm just REM you can use would ever free strive very parent you want you know to give it out but it just absolutely i mean mmm if you look if you see a girl guys all increase up down below don't forget subscribe here i'll just see you guys tomorrow bye
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