How To Make "Brændte Mandler" Candied Almonds - By One Kitchen Episode 342

Hey guys the multi kitchen I'm Julia serve time for another Christmas tree here on my shell and in things because these phantom Ella and that is translated into burnt almonds but they are not burned at all um it's kind of a caramelized almonds sugar coated almonds um well they are just delicious and so so easy to make and only with a few ingredients so let's get started so what I would use for my partner mettler is the odds which we call mettler in Danish and then I have some water some sugar and then I would choose a path and in a stretcher and i also have prepared a baking sheet with some parchment paper on so what we do is just add my almonds in here then in with my sugar and in will my water so what I'm doing now is to place my pan over at my step and turn it on on high heat then I have to take my swag on just keep stirring in it because we don't want is you to three and i just keep stir and stir in there don't stop stirring and at some point all of the water will be gone and the sugar will start to look very dry and hard to fold around but keep stir in there it will get delicious and at some point the sugar will start to melt again and then you are going to turn the heat down to low heat and just keep folding the almonds so they switch places and then after a few minutes there i am going to be very quick and take it over here and then put out on my baking sheet with parchment paper on and then just spread out out and when there is completely cooled they are ready to be so I really hope you enjoyed the recipe for my plan to Medlock they took around 12 to 13 minutes over at maestoso they don't really take that long to make and they are just still licious I just had them on low heat when the sugar was completely dry and then just stirring it for about a few minutes so some of the sugar got caramelized they are just so so crispy and so sooo delicious just pretty much to spread it out quite good on the parchment paper so they don't stick together but they are just so so good if you want to give them a go all the ingredients are down below in my description and don't forget subscribe to my channel here and I hope you all have a very merry christmas and i hope to see you all again tomorrow I
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