How To Make Cacao Candied Almonds - By One Kitchen Episode 717

Hey I said what was on kitchen I'm Julia it's time but I'll treat here my channel today i'm going to show you guys how to make some delicious Coco candied almonds so let's get started in a pan he already has almonds some unsweetened cocoa powder some sugar and also going to add in some water and my start up here is already on high heat but if you're still up can get really really really really really hard you might not want to have it on high heat all the time so baby we're just going to stir in this here quite often and just that this here comes to a boil and then it goes to a fall I'm just going to keep showing in it and then at some point all the water will have evaporated and the mix will look very dry but that is what we want because when it is nice and dry then it will start to melt again and at the second way we see star smell again you take these all to you off the heat place on some Park and paper and get spread out will some folks just make sure they don't stick together and when they are cooled down reaching suit you and now for the taste test of my cocoa almond they look that but that is because of the dark cocoa powder they end up the lag at all and they taste amazing mmm yummy had a nice different way of having candied almonds on the cocoa flavor yum and I just take no time to make guys yeah it's gonna get is here go i'll link news up down below don't forget subscribe here and how did you guys take in tomorrow bye
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