How to make Pecan Praline Candy | I Heart Recipes

Hi everybody is Rosie and in this video we're making pecan praline candy is actually one of the easiest candies to make so let's get started for this recipe you will need 1/2 cup of evaporated milk 1 and 1/4 cup of chopped pecans you're going to need 1 cup of granulated sugar 1 cup of brown sugar light or dark and you're also going to need 3/4 TSP of vanilla extract so I am at my stovetop and I'm going to combine three of my ingredients first that is my granulated sugar my brown sugar and now I am going to pour in my evaporated milk I'm going to use my kitchen utensil to make sure everything is well incorporated and then I am going to turn my burner up to medium-high we're going to let our candy boil for a bit and as you can see it's looking nice it's looking good you got your caramel going on there add in your pecans start make sure everything is well incorporated now we're going to add in two tablespoons of butter not margarine or using butter stir those ingredients add in your vanilla extract at this time so my next step will be turning the heat off completely removing this candy from the hot burner will stir the candy and then we'll let it sit for about five minutes during that five minutes we are going to butter a cookie sheet after the five minutes let's spoon out all of that candy mixture so recently I shared a recipe for peanut brittle and in my comment section a lot of people actually ask for a peek at candy video so here it is and if you haven't checked out my peanut brittle video please do so so after you spoon out the candy it's going to take about 30 minutes or less so that they can firm up once it firms up is not going to be harden like the brittle it's actually going to be a nice firm creamy texture filled with nice sweet candied pecans it is just delicious and again this recipe was super easy I'm not only going to have it on my blog but the recipe will be down below in the description box and make it more accessible to all of you all I want to thank you all for watching don't forget to rate comment subscribe give this video a thumbs up for more candy recipes and I will see you awesome bye
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