How to make Poached Salmon with Bistro Slaw & Candied Almonds - Chef Wayne Sych

The first thing we are going to do is we're going to do the poached salmon with Bistro salad so the first thing is I'm going to prepare the candied almonds so for the candied almonds we are going to use half an egg white I know the recipe says half an egg white so you literally just kind of do it till you get about half of it in there and we're going to put a pinch of salt it's really important when you do candied almonds or any candied nuts because you can really do any kind of nuts like this walnuts pecans it's really important to use egg whites and what that allows it allows the flavoring to adhere to the nuts lots of recipes call for just oil and Cajun spice but really don't maximize the flavor adhering to the different not so it's really important to use egg whites so what I want to do is basically whisk this until it's nice and frothy and you want to put the salt in with the egg whites and prof. that first it just helps the the frothing method of the egg whites everybody can see in the mirror all right you don't really need to pull an electric mixer oh that's it's pretty hot and you basically just want to do it until you really see no more liquid underneath the phone and then that's basically it so to that we are going to add our almonds and we're going to give that a toss and then we're going to add our seasonings so we have cinnamon cayenne garlic powder a little bit of smoked paprika and sugar we're just going to mix this up ahead of time just so we don't have if you add it all to the bowl separately you I would worry that you would have too much garlic on you know some and not enough on another so give it a good mix and then add it to the almonds and that's it we're going to place that on our baking sheet and then we're just going to bake them in the oven so I have the oven 350 for about 12 minutes 12 to 12 to 16 minutes depending on your stove you have a timer so we don't burn them I did bring pre-made ones but just didn't want to cheat you guys I'm showing you how to make them yeah perfect so now what we're going to do is we are going to prepare the salad and the salmon so for today's salmon we're using spring the reason when I chose spring there's really three species of salmon spring sockeye coho are them are the main three you can also get silver brights also known as Chum and you can also get pinks I like using spring is probably one of my favorite Salmons the reason is because it has the highest fat content so sockeye is got the next highest fat content and same with coal so spring has really got the nicest fat content so it's great for searing and it's great for poaching I worry sometimes when I use like coho or sockeye when you poach it that it dries out of it so the spring has so much fat that it just stays really nice and moist so that's right i'm using spring today so what I'm going to do is I'm also going to get the vinaigrette ready ready and the salad ready and then we'll just poach the salmon afterwards now you can make the vinaigrette ahead of time and I recommend making it you know several days in advance so we're going to put our Dijon mustard in there and we're going to put our honey in there don't hold the bowl for me everybody's following the recipe did I add that right little bit of salt and a little bit of pepper and we got to add our lemon juice this recipe is really great also this is really a versatile vinaigrette recipe I cook I meet use this on spinach salads generally a lighter lettuce like a mescaline greens or a spinach this works the best for and then we're going to slowly add our vegetable oops general this one now what you want to do is you want to make sure when you make a vinaigrette is you want to make sure that you add your vegetable oil or olive oil in a slow steady stream if you add it all at once it'll separate on you so just lightly once you get a certain amount in there then you're pretty safe to add it a little bit quicker and what does it do it emulsifies that actually it becomes thick not too thick like a mayonnaise then you've added way too much oil perfect thank you test it and make sure it's good perfect so now what we're going to do is we're going to get the poached water completed for the salmon so with this we're going to add some ginger some white wine and some green onions remember you're cooking when you're poaching you're actually trying to add some flavor to your product so if you cook and just plain water it's not going to add anything to it so if you add a little bit of chili flakes a little bit of sugar I don't like to add really any salt when I'm coaching a little bit acid so either it with a vinegar or even a little bit of our sorry with a little bit of wine or even a little bit of vinegar a couple nice slices of ginger in there and then some green onions I believe the recipe says Bruce so really I just use the back of my knife just to kind of give it a little bruise and then put them in there did I forget anything perfect so now what we're going to do is we're going to add our salmon now you want to make sure you have a pan that's big enough to hold it all with not like laying it on top of one another and I think you notice when I put my first piece of salmon in the water didn't come over it but as I have added salmon it's kind of come up a bit so also when people when you poach salmon you want to make sure that you don't boil it rapidly people have this idea that because it's in water that it won't dry out when in fact it really will dry out so just keep it really on a light simmer make sure it's all you know if you have to flip it partway through you can but I would rather try to not and that's up we're going to turn the heat up a bit you can always turn it down if it starts to boil rapidly and then just drop it down so now we're going to prepare the coleslaw again you can use any other lettuces that you'd like to put in this this is great with spinach or any of the tender greens I wouldn't use in like an iceberg or a roommate well mean wouldn't be bad if it was like a fine shred so I try to keep the lettuces a little bit more on the tender stock size and we have my radicular it is yeah please so what I'm using here is I'm using a Belgian endive i'm using radicchio and i'm using fennel so what I'm going to do is for the end I've literally cut it in half and you'll see there's a core in there just kind of notch out that core and then give it any of the outside leaves that are kind of brown and discolored remove them and then just give it a nice fine julienne now you can make this ahead of time I would pre do it no more than a few hours ahead of time keep a damp towel over it Belgian endive actually does not like light it gets a little bit more bitter so keep a towel over it where there's not a lot of light hitting it and if you find that it's kind of hard to julienne separate the leaves all out and do them in kind of batches you'll find that it lays a little bit flatter that way there we go I've pre done a little bit of endive there and then the fennel now same thing with the fennel you have a core in there but I don't remove the core and the reason is is if you remove the core you're going to try to julienne all these little tiny odd pieces so what I like to use for this is called the mandolin so this is uh it's basically just a really inexpensive mandolin you can buy really expensive mandolins I honestly recommend buying these ones they're great you replace them every couple years and literally I'm just going to run it over the mandolin around the core you can't run the endive through this because it'll really bust apart on you and just keep working it around until you basically just have the core left the only thing I wouldn't if you pre do this is keep all the lettuces separate so the radicchio to and don't go too closely take your fingers it is really sharp all right so we're going to add our fennel to that into there and then our radicchio so with the radicchio you want to remove the core you want to remove any excess leaves on the outside there to kind of discolored or brown this one looks really good when you're buying radicchio it should be like somewhat soft but not mushy soft and it should have a nice bright red color on the outside of it and then with this we're just going to do a really fine chiffonade again I really recommend doing it by hand if you do it through your food processor really the first day you buy your food processor blade is sharp enough to do this after that it's pretty much not you'll end up bruising it all just keep an eye on our salmon here next I'm just going to quickly check this we're almost there and there there's our solid now the nice thing about this is endive has kind of a bitter flavor to it but the honey lemon even though the lemon is bitter the honey lemon vinaigrette really works well with it so there's our almonds they're not quite ready yet and as it cooks it kind of gets almost like a brittle appearance to it and that's what you want the egg white kind of hold it all together I'm just going to turn this one of these is a little bit thicker than the others and I really want to cook the salmon no more than medium and I think we're there literally the plates out and put this to the side so what we're going to do is we're going to dress the salad now you can't dress this too early otherwise it'll get really soggy that's one thing about the finer lettuces like this they really really will tsagaan you where's like a coal saw that's cabbage and like if you do it ahead of time it almost takes on like a pickle kind of texture this you don't really want that pic Lee texture could I get you to divide that up for me please give another pair of tongs okay so now what we're going to do is we will remove the salmon I'm just going to kind of remove it and then let it try to break a piece open for you to see so I don't if you can see in the mirror but there's still a little bit of translucent inside the salmon that's kind of what you're looking for it the nice thing about using the spring salmon know is if if it does overcook a bit there's enough oil that will carry it whereas a sockeye or you know any other fish really will be a little dry texture I see my timer won't stop so the magic of TV I brought pre-made almonds pre make them leave them in your cupboard closed double the recipe triple the rest because you'll eat them as snacks so I pretty much guarantee you that and then Mary elit you go along and just put some almonds on each one and then what we're going to do is we're just going to crumble a little bit of goat cheese on each one I think so you want to try to work a little bit quickly to get your salmon out of the water because as it keeps sitting it's going to keep cooking I wouldn't put it on absorbent towel mostly because it might stick on you so the girl there we go I left the skin on it I wouldn't eat the skin on poached salmon but definitely on a pan-seared salmon the reason why I leave it on is if you take the skin off you will end up with them that gets in your pan it'll just all break apart on you the skin really keeps it together for you oh sorry about you behind me yeah what I want to do is I will do what I want to do is just put a little bit if you would mind just like just a tad bit on the salmon just for a little flavor of the vinaigrette make sure we have enough to go around you pass me that plate it's a little too far to reach perfect a little bit on that one now the goat cheese i used for this is actually an okanagan goat cheese i actually buy it from save on and safeway the reason why use this one is actually got a really mild flavor like some goat cheese are if you're a real cheese lover by all means buy some higher end ones that smell like goat you know there's goat cheese that you actually unwrapping it will make your whole house smell like go I use this one because again i just find it really mild flavor and it just goes nicely if you get too overpowering of a cheese it might overpower the dish a bit also with this dish i've done this with seared scallops I've done this just as the side salad by all means you don't need to use the the salmon it makes a fantastic side dish the salad alone I've even done it with chicken I've taken chicken marinated it in in a like a honey and in Dijon a little bit of tarragon and actually skewered it and put it on top of the salad and if you also want as a trick is if you take the goat cheese and you can form it into little pucks and then I've taken that almonds and period them in the food processor and crusted the goat cheese and put that on top so you know there's lots of different ways of doing it but that's when I was at a restaurant of quite a few years ago that's how he's due at lease to do it with chicken and then we can make these little goat cheese cakes
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