How to make raw almond butter with in your vitamix using sprouted almonds

Welcome to this episode of oh em gee today we're gonna be making raw almond butter what you'll need for this is a high power blender preferably the Vitamix an empty jar to put your raw almond butter in and then also some raw almonds I pick these up us at sprouts their California sprouted almonds olive oil and sea salt so that's really awesome so what we're gonna do is put about three cups worth of almonds in your Vitamix and there's a lot of recipes out there that call for adding oils like canola oil or olive oil to the almond butter but we want to kind of do without that because we really don't need that much oil in our bodies we want to use that sparingly so next we want to attach the top lid as well as our tamper so our tamper is gonna allow the almonds to get closer to the blade so I'll get pretty close next the next part is gonna be kind of loud so I'll just explain what we're gonna do we are going to make sure this is unvarying to start and all the way to one and then very quickly we're gonna move it all the way up to ten this is actually my first time doing this so a lot of the reviews that I read said that your machine might start to jerk and sound very loud but just to kind of stick with it makes me kind of nervous this is my baby so after it gets all the way to ten I'm gonna quickly turn it to high and then it's supposed to start looking like a like some mush some butter so let's give it a try wish me luck all right it's gonna be really loud okay I'm not gonna lie that was pretty scary because also I read a lot in the cookbook that comes with the Vitamix that you don't want to let your engine burn out my little tip is you'll notice that the machine will start to jump a little bit don't grab the handle when it does this just kind of let it do its own thing and just keep incorporating the tamper down into the nuts so I think it turned out quite well if you can see here it looks pretty creamy and again we didn't use any oil so that's exciting so the next part I'm sure will be tedious but it will involve scraping our almond butter into a jar so it sounds oh yeah that's awesome look at that it's very creamy and smooth you want to store this in the refrigerator and from what I've read you don't need to even stir it because sometimes you'll buy the raw almond butter at the store and they'll add a little bit of oil and you'll find that the almond butter will separate from the oil and you'll have to share it with a knife so for whatever this is really low maintenance we're in the refrigerator to keep those nutrients locked in and you can have homemade almond butter so what did this cost this was all so much Cheers I got the sprouted almonds at sprouts for under $3 and it looks like it's gonna make about I would say like a full cup of almond butter in the store all my butters can be very expensive it can be anywhere from eight to ten dollars so this is definitely a good find maybe a way to save money in the future is this to buy some raw almonds in the bulk section and just sprout them yourself just by putting them in water and letting then soak in there overnight and then you could even take it a step further and then put it in your dehydrator so that it locks in all those nutrients so I'm going to continue scraping here until I get it all into my jar but I've got a little bit more scraping to go but you can kind of see how much almond butter I have now that's pretty good about half way so I think in the future all by my sprouted almonds and just do it myself so that was this episode of oh I'm gate key thank you for watching and please tune in thanks
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