How to Make [RAW] Sprouted Almond Milk With Blending For Beauty

Welcome to blending for beauty my name's artemis and i'm crystal and this is your guide to delicious creamy easy to make homemade almond milk now when you see how fast and easy it is to make your own almond milk at home you'll never buy the boxed up at your health food store again stay tuned in this fully guided multimedia recipe manual you're learning new delicious ways to make your own sprouted almond milk and coconut milk and hemp seed milk and in the beginning of our report we talked about the top four reasons not to buy the box stuff and while you should avoid the Box nut milks to the store reason number one is sprouting you can soak your own almonds at home neutralizing enzyme inhibitors enhancing nutrition and digestion when you sprout your nuts and seeds it increases protein content and vitamin and minerals are multiplied and so you're getting better nutrition and better digestion from sprouting at home reason number two is you avoid the toxic tagalongs like carrageenan and synthetic vitamins when you look at those vitamins in the back of the box those are whole food plant source vitamins those are synthetic vitamins so you can add whole food supplements like our beauty supplements and get more natural whole food vitamins and minerals in your beauty looks reason number three it just tastes better it's more creamy and delicious from your soaking and sprouting and then blending and keeping it raw enzyme active you just get a better flavor it's creamier and even more delicious for you and your whole family so this is the three main reasons why you want to make your own sprouted almond milk from Holly now I'll show you how it's done come with me over to the satellites to do welcome to the satellite studio I'm showing you how to make your own delicious creamy easy to make almond milk at home after you see how easy is almond milk is to make you may never buy it again so ever you'll need a blender a large bowl or measuring cup and that milk bag and your almonds and some water then I'll show you a few additional ingredients at the end so starting with your almonds measuring about a cup of almonds and put them in a bowl with filled with water let your own soak overnight now you're one cup of almond is going to pump up and turn into about a cup and a half so make sure your bowl is large enough to hold a cup and a half add your almonds to your blender and then fill the blender to the six cup line with water so I'm looking for the sixth Cup mark there it is then fill with water I'm just going to put the lid on and blend on low speed and then turn it up too high if you have an awesome high speed blender like this Vitamix you'll only need to blend for 30 to 45 seconds if you have a regular kitchen blender let it go longer maybe 60 or 75 seconds to make sure the almonds get really well broken down so here we go with a blend once about 40 seconds so once you're finished blending take the lid off now I like to hook then that milk bag around the edge around the lip of my glass measuring cup just makes it easy pour your nut milk in your nut milk bag and then you're going to squeeze it through the nut milk black bag squeezing the liquid out of the pulp now take your time with this step because if you rush get too much in a hurry here the milk does like to squirt which is pretty funny when it shoots across your kitchen but it does give you a little more cleanup and since one of the things we're trying to do is keep clean up simple just take your time with this step it's going to take me about 60 or 70 seconds to complete this step so just take your time you can do it once you get everything well squeezed out you now have almond bunk so if you're making a recipe now if you're going to put almond milk straight into a smoothie or dessert this is ready to go that's all there is to it now if you want to keep this in the chill it and have it for later say in a bowl of cereal or just drink it plain or maybe it available for your kids to enjoy maybe a few little upgrades so it tastes even better so just pour this back into your blender and add four drops of the Annika brand vanilla stevia now this isn't enough to give it a stevia flavor it's just enough to give it a rich vanilla flavor with just a touch of sweetness so four drops is all you need and then I like to do a tablespoon of the lecithin power now remember this is a non-gmo lecithin powder I measured a tablespoon into this bullets can make your nut milk nice and creamy and help you digest the fat from the nuts even better and then just a couple dashes of sea salt or as my husband says a couple of pinches love me says that so that the lid on your blender this just requires a few seconds to blend that's it almond milk homemade all you need to do now is just store it in your refrigerator I like to put in a couple of one quart mason jars you could also put it in a larger groups a larger glass pitcher or jug with a lid use one like this and once you have that poured into your jars you just clean out your blender in your bowl and you're done so that's it homemade almond milk the delicious nutritious easy way now stay tuned for our next video when we show you how to make homemade delicious creamy coconut milk see you next time
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