How To Make Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Alright guys so today I have Jaclyn my special guest who's going to show us what is it again we're gonna roast pumpkin seeds we're gonna roast pumpkin seeds I've never done this I I think then we try it once honey and it came out horrible right they were just nasty they were horrible like toenails but anyway so we're gonna do this and I just want to start off with a giveaway I'm I have these trolls t-shirts that they that people are going crazy over so we're gonna give away five troll t-shirts okay five of them on today's show I'm in a great mood I want to give them away so if you want a troll t-shirt is what it looks like alright yeah just put your name down below and your size and you'd say you want one and I will randomly pick five of you alright so we're gonna get started Jacqueline I'm gonna turn this over to you they're gonna come in close we're going to go over the ingredients and then do your magic all right alright guys so we're gonna need a large pumpkin maybe two teaspoons of butter some ground chili powder and some cinnamon so guys if you cut the bottom of the pumpkin out you can reuse it I'm not like gonna make a pumpkin pie or anything I'm just gonna let the kids decorate it you get all the seeds and as much as the strings possible out of there okay guys normally the seeds are attached by some strings here this little messy stuff but a tip is if you grab and pinch here they just kind of pop free let's see how this is attached here you just grab it and pop it it'll pop free so after we clean the seeds out of the pumpkin we'll take some hot water in a large bowl and the pumpkin seeds after they've been clean and maybe three tablespoons of salt to that hot water and let them soak for approximately an hour to an hour and a half so now we're going to go to the sink and we're going to drain all the water off of the pumpkin seeds so guys after you've soaked them the ones that we are soaked are this color and you can see that there's a difference in color we'll Pat these dry so we're going to melt two tablespoons of butter in a bowl in the microwave so now we're going to take all the pumpkin seeds and we're going to dump them into the bowl with the butter and there's a lot of different seasonings but today we've chose to use the ground chili powder and the cinnamon as well we're gonna sprinkle some chili on here and some cinnamon so you take them and just dump them onto a cookie sheet alright and then the next thing we'll have a preheated oven to 350 and we will put them in the oven for about 35 to 45 minutes they just come out of the oven for 35 minutes at 350 you can tell that they're golden brown and they're crispy as you kind of move them around you can hear the crispness some people like them a little bit crispy but these are just perfect for us the whole kitchen smells amazing doesn't it it does are you gonna go for let's do it together let's try it out never had before is that what this will face like that's like okay cuz when I did and I ruined them it was probably not cooked enough all these are really good yeah actually took a little bit longer you wanted them more mushy but to me if you put them for too long it dries the center out okay cinnamon chili powder do me a favor if you do pumpkin seeds tell us what your combination of flavors are cuz you can do any one it's amazing Jacqueline thank you so much I appreciate it and we're gonna have her on again we're gonna be doing later on in the year the new year we're doing how to make what do we do it again and McKnight takis homemade she's gonna show me how to make homemade takis no lie that's coming after the new year so I'll be ready for that don't put your name below for a shirt take care guys I'll see on the next episode bye
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