How to make Simple Baked Brie with Candied Pecan Topping-Divine Appetizer

Hi I'm Holly click welcome to my trim and terrific kitchen this is probably my most popular recipe anybody that comes through my house always knows I'm gonna have a glaze Brie simple to make and oh my gosh it's so delicious so I'm going to show you another lesson ten ingredient and the recipes in kitchen 101 which is my easiest of ez cookbooks so let me get started we have pecans and you just put them in here till they get a little toasty then we're gonna add brown sugar you're gonna see then we're gonna add a little cinnamon I like to add cinnamon it sort of gives it a little extra spice a little vanilla and maple syrup so it started to feel like pralines pralines you're gonna love this recipe comes together so quickly and you just wanted to let it come to a boil and you could even get I've had party - I hate to get that huge Brie and do it now once it's done you see how oh I wish you could smell it the flavors all smell so good - now I have a brie you removed the top of the Brie and you pour this on like that now you can bake it at 350 for about five or ten minutes watch it carefully till it melts pop it in the microwave or if you have your brew Mabry at room temperature it's probably fine kitchen 101 and here we are I always like to serve it with grapes this time of year apples but rather I have a football party I'm entertaining for a cocktail party arts the holidays you come to my house and you've had this Brie now you want the recipe you have to go to my website Ollie Clegg dot-com
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