How to make sprouted almond butter

Hi everybody let's get on you know and today I want to show you how to make almond butter I like making my own almond butter for two reasons first is because I know exactly what's in it and second because I get to soak the almonds before using them and this is something very important when you're using nuts basically knots naturally contain a lot of fiber caster and why because that is bad because it's very everything for our own gut it also can bind to certain middle so it prevents us from absorbing lip so when you're soaking nuts for a while for a period of I like doing it overnight I place down with some water and soap and you dip them in a warm spot in your kitchen this is going to deactivate just remove a lot of the five big aspect and the other thing is that knots naturally have enzyme inhibitors so that's why you might experience other bloating or discomfort or even some acne when you really not start having pain so previously and there's actually a lot of people that can tolerate knots and they find that when they have knots that happen soaked or sprouted they actually agree very well with them and the other reason why I like to soak knots before using them is because it really enhances the flavor and this is particularly true for almonds and once naturally I find them a little bit too hard and kind of boring a little bit but when they have been soaked beforehand they become a little bit bigger and the crunchy and crispy and you just a lot more delicious so I'm gonna get started now and show you how to make it I'm going to start by placing one pound of almonds into a bike messenger and to that I'm adding one tablespoon of sea salt and then just enough water to cover the Amma's have it in a warm spot in the kitchen and I leave it there overnight then the next day what I do is rinse them remove that water and then I'm going to place them on a dehydrator sheet but you can also use an oven and I like to use a low temperature usually nothing higher than 120 or 130 degrees Fahrenheit basically I just leave them there until they are completely dry and they feel very crispy when you Piper the next thing I'm going to do is place them all in a blender and you started blending until it becomes very smooth I added about half a cup of coconut oil the coconut oil just helps it all blend a little bit easier and it gives it a really nice flavor as well then I just place it in a clean glass container and I keep it at room temperature and that said it's really delicious and summery versatile products as well well I hope you enjoyed this video on how to make almond butter I would love to know you also make your own almond butter and when you think about it and please for watching
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