How to make Sprouted Almond Butter at Home

Almond butter check that out that is just blitz see what I'm saying here hey everybody I am raw food chef higher-risk uh from the living vision calm here with you once again and I posted a picture of my pumpkin spice cups on my facebook page and if you haven't found me there go ahead and find me on Facebook calm slap chef kiyah and Hyattsville th aya so I'm going to be doing a video on that recipe can so many of you really wanted it and it's really good it's a zero glycemic I almond butter spice fudge type of thing and it's really good and for it I've made my own almond butter so I wanted to start with a video on just how I went about doing that here I have a quart jar that's filled with sprouted crispy almonds so if you've never soaked and germinated your nuts before you would take your almonds and I took a pound of almonds and I soaked them in enough water to cover them by about an inch you want any spring water or purified water of some sort and I also added some sea salt to that and somehow through means I'm not completely cleared on but somehow the salt helps to reduce the phytic acid continent which is one of the anti deterrents that binds to minerals so our body has a very hard time absorbing them as those are still present so stoking them releases enzyme inhibitors that keeps the seat dormant until Ray's come and it would come to life so it could start scrubbing and the enzyme inhibitors are very acidic so it's better not to eat your almonds raw like that and then there's the phytic acid and nutrients that are released by long periods of soaking and also some fermenting if possible and sprouting and then drying or some people roast so for me I'm doing a non raw version so I'm using a dehydrator and I would soak them for six hours and then rinse and then fill with water again and I did that for about two days and then after that I just rinsed them and left them in a colander covered with a damp cloth to let them germinate and began to describe the process so what that was complete then I put them into my dehydrator and I let them dry for about 24 hours so it's quite a process just to get this jar of crispy nuts but you have a product now that is going to be much more alkalinizing to your body as well as as well as a more digestible and better in terms of mineral absorption so now that I've done that the olive butter part is really easy so if you don't want to go through this whole process there's some great almond butter raw almond butters out there who do you can put that in here there's the local community foods which I do videos for as well and their almond butter is really really tasty delicious high-quality stuff but I want to take it a step further by sprouting my almonds before bringing them into almond butter so now that I have my four cups here let's cody's playing a little game I'm gonna go ahead and pour all of them into the if they're right to help me you can come right up here and you can help me pour them but we are good important as we're working on a recipe okay okay friend just a minute so so I've got my soap two dehydrated almonds in here and now I'm gonna process it and you're gonna let it go and go and go and go and go I'll go ahead and time it I'm not going to let you sit through the whole thing but all time Italy I know I and we think it's looking buttery you can go ahead and let it go a little bit longer because it will get really really creamy it's it's just phenomenal it feels like magic is happening before your eyes in your kitchen like nothing else I mean there's nothing like fresh raw almond butter and this is just a whole nother level so I'm going to start it out we're gonna close this up and let it run and run and run and then I'll be back and I'll let you know how long it took right now we're looking at the island butter after about three minutes of processing and that looks like okay we're now looking at the almond butter after about five minutes and I haven't touched it since beginning and it's looking really buttery but I'm still gonna let it go even more like I said when you think that it's probably all the way there let it go even more okay guys now it's starting to feel like magic in here you see how that is in about eight minutes let's go I could scrape it down one time it let me get a little bit warm in there but that my friend is serious almond butter check that out that is just bliss see what I'm saying here that's just like beautiful just can't really see that anyhow so that took ignant about eight nine minutes to get it to that point okay though he's here for sample let's see what he thinks this is an apple cuz you came over here loose your hand like that I'll go ahead and taste it too and it's slightly warm it's just fine it's not like hot it's probably 90 to 100 degrees or something like that mmm that's heaven and I'm telling you the you know the list is just piled up when you know that it is these almonds were the best almonds they could be I got that from the farmers market they were really raw and soak them germinated them dehydrated them ground them into butter and I'm gonna take this a step further and go ahead and add some probiotic powder to my almond butter so it will be a probiotic butter and I'm just using one cap probiotic powder from ultimate flora that's what I have but any probiotic powder will do and if you want to obviously you can add some salt to your almond butter or sweetener you um yes you could add a high quality sea salt mine minerals B salt we could add something sweet sweet if you wanted to and you know there would be some fermentation happening with that probiotic and I don't know what the result would be that would be really fun to find out I'm not doing any sugars right now so I'm not going to add anything to it like that and I really like the naked almond butter I like it just like that and from there I can add it to stay Drees or sweet or use it by itself and sprinkles of course sea salt on top it's just really versatile when I don't add anything to it but I am adding those probiotics so I will just mix those and now that that's mixed in I'm gonna put it into my jar my almond butter jar look how because that's where witness for it okay so I am gonna scrape this down and this is just it's so beautiful it's really like a real deal and this jar probably came from another intern that I had for coconut oil or something else so you can recycle jars you can get your own 16 ounce mason jars from the store okay so it didn't quite build the 16 ounce jar but it actually produced more almond butter than I was expecting because last time I used 3 cups and it reduced down to a little over one so it makes sense but that was again one quart or four cups of dehydrated almonds and there is my probiotic almond butter which I'm going to adore and in my upcoming video you'll learn how to make some little confection some zero glycemic spiced cups perfect for this season okay thank you again for joining me and joining us I brought food chef Arista from television calm and we are joyful so you'll be able to be here and share these recipes with you leave a comment I would really love to notice your there and like the page subscribe to my newsletter on the living vision calm and try it out let me know what you think
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