How To Make Sugarless Candied Almonds

Today we're making sugar free candy almonds because I like sugar but I can't eat any right now so i use erythritol and other sugar alcohols that actually are sugar or alcohol they just are called that some weird reason but they get processing your body like a fiber and it doesn't raise your insulin and it is relatively good for you I mean everything should be used in moderation but they're not like artificial sweeteners so what I did we got it boiling right here and it turned it down a little bit smells smells good and I forgot an ingredient I'll have that but what I did is add a tablespoon of coconut oil then about a teaspoon of vanilla and it shook some cinnamon in there four scoops stevia and then I did a the main part that you actually need to pay attention to the ratio is one part the sugar whatever you're using and then two parts water so 1 cup of this to two cups of water and what you're going to do is let that boil out you just let it boil for a long time and you just kind of start as you go along but I forgot as you actually want and you want to get it to a boil what you're trying to do is make like a caramel of sorts of like a sticky substance so I'm going to pour a little vanilla up in there yep hmm it's gonna smell good just felt real good i get if this was a fewer here you'd be saying yourself man been that smells really good give me some of that what i got here to put in here you know you could do this with any night i just did it for cons yesterday and then I ate them all and I shouldn't have cuz I was supposed to share them I'm gonna share these I promise but I got some they are sugar-free almonds I got some moments for the farmers market and they are non pasteurize organic from a little farm and it's cool because even the raw supposedly raw almonds and trader joes they actually it's mandatory that they get heated up to a certain temperature so they're not actually raw so if you can find from an actual place that you know the source get your almonds no feel them eat them mmm just good stuff so I'm going to turn on this light probably should have done that the whole time so you can see the sizzle yeah that's real good so once this is done I will bring the video back and you can watch what happens once I put the almonds in all right now let's get off thick and goopy you can see I would hate my phone fill in there that would be I'll be a disaster so now what you're going to do grab a handful nope we're not going to do the scientific gonna grab a handful and you're going to throw it in there two handfuls maybe even three ended up three handfuls you're gonna turn off the heat I don't cook them too high and then you start mixing them around in here yeah cottam really nice um so yeah once you do that I actually like this once I code them I just take them off put them in the fridge and then keep them in there for about 15 minutes and they'll start to get nice hard and crunchy what you've done that they're done keep on looking at the wrong side the cameras over here um and then i will show you the final product BAM all right they are done to bring up close up candied sugarless almonds they look tasty you can watch me one mmhmm yeah that's good news it's good news right there BAM candied sugarless almonds make them let me know what you think subscribe for more recipes cooking adventures inspiration stuff like that out stay healthy
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