How to make the CRISPIEST Pumpkin Seeds - Crispy Roasted Seeds Recipe

Hey guys it's angie from the sushi Montcalm and today i'm going to share with you guys some secrets and making some really light and crisp pumpkin seeds first I am boiling my water and I'm going to salt it just like I would pasta now the reason I'm doing this is to ensure a crispier finished product and a sugar pumpkin will yield crispier seeds as well so these two steps will make sure that you have a really really delicious crisp pumpkin seed I've now drained and dried my pumpkin seeds very thoroughly and to that I want to drizzle in some melted butter and then I have a combination of some pumpkin spice and some sugar and I'm going the sweet route but you can definitely do the thought possibilities are really endless you could do some curry some cayenne maple garlic parm really just go crazy with it be creative so I'm going to kind of toss this all together and lay it out into a single layer a very thin even layer and pop it into my preheated oven and halfway throughout the baking process I'm going to stir it again I just took my tray out at the half-baked mark and I just want to kind of toss them together make sure they're not burning and rotate them so they get an even crispy croats and then I'm going to pop them back into the oven I have been standing on these since they came idea and we're I really highly recommend you not do because they are hot but they're so crispy then all that sugar in there has really kind of created a pumpkin seed brittle of that which is really nice but if you go the savory route which I have done sriracha before which was delish it'll still impart that crispy toast because of all the things that we did to it so I hope I've encouraged you guys to not throw out your pumpkin seeds and to use them this way I want to thank you guys hanging out with me this is antique grab the squishy months wrap up and I'll see you guys very soon
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