How to master any language

Don't think me. This is like a finger pointing to the moon don't concentrate on the finger or you miss all that happening Cole you understand good evening friends okay. This is not a rambling video by the way I just want to pose a question and this question is particularly for those who have been through this process or and in the process of doing this now we're talking about mastering the language now you guys know that I really do love Bruce Lee I really love Bruce Lee and a lot of his philosophies I love very much and his philosophy is he because a lot of people will consider him a master they say that he's a master of martial arts but Bruce Lee he always said that he doesn't consider himself a master but a master student he considers it considers he considers himself a master student because he to him he has a massive anything he was learning new things about the martial arts every day.

I like this philosophy and it makes sense I mean it's like someone who says they master English they're basically saying that they know everything and there's nothing else to learn but apparently there's the I mean it's possible to master language because a lot of people uses turn master master master master master master lane.

My question is and I'm not being sarcastic how do we know how do how do we know when we've mastered language how how can we how can we master our language I'm currently working on Kandi's very hard like I told you guys and by the time I'm finished with Cantonese I'm going to be on a high level and that's what I'm striving for and it will be cool to master Cantonese.

I have a lot of experience learning languages but I don't know how to master linked.

Those of you who know how to master language please make a video response and explain how we can master language because this this this I don't know how to do.

That's it I just want to pull that question and I look forward to video responses and a video response or comments in the common area.

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