How to Master the Arabic Language? - Okasha Kameny

Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato - our brothers around the world we pray to Almighty Satana with the barakah fear Allah to show his mercy and blessings on to all of you a question from one of the students in Arabic you know faculty in Saudi Arabia madina al munawwara al german medina he's asking the following as a student I'm trying to gain mastery in Arabic language to master my Arabic knowing pretty well that the people around me are not speaking the classical Arabic they only speaking our mayor.

How can I really master that language knowing that they not speaking to me except with their own dialect first thing that you have to consider as a student of knowledge is that I media will not have impact over you know mastering Arabic if you really learn Arabic from the right source and the right source of Arabic language are either learning them from m√Ęche directly would be speak you get to listen if not then get it from the books that are known as Omaha to cut open Lua the founding fathers or the main sources of Arabic language like the book of Alma buried in alchemy for Imam nobody'd like the Book of Allah chef like the book of Abel cozumel only that he named Ali like the book or from a blue coat Eva these are books that when you read and you take them as your companion or you take them as your own comrade you will be able to come up with some things but of course we'd guidelines that will be provided for you from your teachers if you just open them by yourself from day one it will get confused having the guidelines.

Do not really depend on the people around you depend on the mache or the teachers that really gay they master the language and always listen to those that will I will not say impossible for them to grammatical error but I would say stressfully they will not even make mistake why because when you listen to someone who easily make mistake in Arabic language maybe you may adopt this mistakes without known but when you listen to someone who really really mastered that language you know for sure of a surety whatever you saying he knows what is same.

You capture that and always the more you listen to Michelle like that you will be able to know you know how to speak better and also how to master your action in Arabic language and also how to speak.

You don't even think. Okay, Farrell supposed to be more for or you know my problem be he has to be Hmong soup or if I have my dog it has a mobile phone delay must be kisara whether it's by a barrier muna demo both muna damn you know alma fraud all this.

When you speak you don't even think about kawari the problem today is that when we learn Arabic language we try to learn Arabic language by knowing the walk away denial knowing the kawaranai will never keep your tongue straight one of them said well as to the other be near Luka listen up we were like Interlaken Apollo for evil I'm not actually an herb Peale herb he said I'm not that really pure I'm not even pure air that will speak Arabic without a mistake but just by being with those who gain the mastery of that language I began to speak like them without even making mistakes.

Listen take the scholars of the field to be your friends.

You listen and follow the Omaha YouTube and don't even worry about. Okay, I'm speaking I have failed the next word support all the next you know now I'm supposed to be fine and it has to be you know more for the Dhamma.

Carla I have to say Muhammadu or at Allah muhammadun its promise or a collab for a Mohammedan of this waste of time get to yourself to sit in front of someone to guide you first and foremost and take the books that I mentioned Bay or that book or this book will suffice even allure for the most part remain bless brothers in al-madinah al-monawarah an Arabic language this no longer you like it and try your best to obtain the highest level in it and I ask Allah Spano a Tanner to bless you but mattoon that you can memorize we will discuss that in different setting or Salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

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