How To Open Commercial Pistachios: And Eat!

It is really interesting all the different ways that people know to peel pistachios and so normally what you do to peel the statute you just open it up and crack it right out of the shell it's pretty straightforward and then you have a delicious pistachio to eat but sometimes you get a pistachio that is not quite able to be opened it's really difficult and no matter what you do to try and open that pistachio you cannot get it open so a lot of people have lots of suggestions for this I don't happen to have a Godfather drosselmeier around with a nutcracker so what I do is actually use the previous shell and actually this was shown to me by my wife Carrie but use a shell and put it in the little open space and then you just turn the shell sideways so you can just turn it sideways and split it open and that opens it up enough that you can actually get into it and take the shell out and then you have a delicious pistachio now there's another kind of pistachio that you really probably should have a nut cracker for again I don't happen to have a godfather drosselmeier so one of the things I like to do is take a pair of pliers now this doesn't always work sometimes it doesn't go as well so we're going to see how this goes here but I'm going to take a pair of pliers and actually try and break this here and I did this earlier so this is just a replay but watch what happens and that would be the end of the pistachio so again though if the end up with a pistachio that is hard to break open because it is not quite all the way opened just take the shell of a previous pistachio and you can go ahead and break that open just with the other shell by turning putting it in the little open space and then turning the shell sideways again thank you very much to carry my wife for showing me how to do this if you liked this video please be sure to give it a thumbs up below be sure to subscribe as we have more helpful videos almost every single day if you have any questions that we can answer for you please be sure to come and visit us at show me how to do this calm
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