How to pick up a girl without using words INFIELD - Master body language and attract women

Hey guys! I want to show you another infield but it is a field again there is no audio.

You can hear what I'm saying you can't hear the composition of the girl you can just see the approaches in place but I'm gonna point out a few important things I want you to have a good strong communication when you speak to people and women right.

Communication is 90% nonverbals.

The things you're saying I don't really come out of your mouth.

Don't think too much about why do I say what do I say it's about everything else that's going on behind the scenes the body language sub communications the voice tone these are the most important things again I'm gonna point out what it is and then hopefully you improve your your approaches as we go along. All right, let's start yeah.

Exactly what's going on in this video is I see a beautiful girl I get my five it's all intuitive a good fight which always a good fight good energy.

I always want to be happy and positive you know just be happy be positive be relaxed that's your vibe basically whatever you feel they feel right I'm smiling I'm just showing that I'm a friendly guy I'm a cool guy you know I don't take myself too seriously and then it allows you go to feel more comfortable quickly I don't think that I want to do is when I'm talking to girls when I touch them this quickly touch I go the more comfortable she'll feel right.

It could be a high five it could be a handshake it could be a hug something which just breaks that touch area I something which stops you from getting in the friend zone right.


You notice that all these touch girls if I shake a hand all is prolonged their handshake.

That the end shake is a little bit longer than what it usually is right um notice my body language my body language I'm just leaning back stand up straight open up my body language azzam I don't cross my arms I take more space when I seat or when I stand which communicates confidence your body language is just a common eight confidence.


Already these are the things which girls are picking up on that you don't realize them they are picking up on your confidence well it's all about what you're saying it's about how you're coming across right think of it when people were cavemen and cavewomen in evolution times there was no language.

I can somebody show that they are confident it's how they carry themselves is everything else language is something we just came up and now we speak but communication is happening in pali language and voice tone and all that stuff right as you're having a conversation with a girl that my voice tone basically when I speak I want to be loud I want to pause when I speak and I want to project my voice you know because my voice communicates why I'm alright if you're speaking too quickly it means you're nervous if you're speaking loud she means you don't think that's what you have to say is important.

Make sure you speak up loud make sure you pause and make sure you project your voice a bit more when you speak to girls these are the things which are going to show a lot of confidence right again eye contact make sure you make an eye contact make sure you make icons at least 80% of the time sometimes I'm wearing sunglasses that's just my style but if i'ma wear sunglasses.

It's good idea to make eye contact where they go that's very important another thing that you can do is is you're having a conversation with a girl she might be telling you something you just listen to what you say not your head be present and sure that I'm paying attention I'm interested in what you're saying and what you're saying is important to me just nodding your head is a sub communication just shows that I'm interested in what you're saying.

Pay attention to that guys really really pay attention to like that.

Yeah as you can see it's just a pickup beautiful girl I'm just having fun I wish I had more audio sometimes you know your film is good it just cuts off or you don't record it but it doesn't take away from the lesson of the pickup you get to learn a lot just by watching these things about what you write and then when you have audio and then we're gonna hear the conversation they need to add more to the benefit or the video. All right, oh you guys I hope you enjoy this video and I hope you picked up something just watching it and I hope that you learn something from it alright check it guys it's tell you hey guys thanks for watching this video if you haven't subscribed to my channel please subscribe right now because you don't miss out on all the videos that I'm gonna be posting every week right. Okay, a quick announcement is I do free weekly events in London.

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