How to: Remove Facial Hair (DIY)

Hi guys is your group who could be here and welcome back to my channel today's video is going to be a very very brief tutorial on how to remove your values your hair I know I know I know ladies. This is nothing to be embarrassed about even the prettiest of the prettiest and the best of the best have to deal with removing their facial hair.

Ladies if you want to know how I remove my facial hair ladies please stay tuned alright guys the first things first if I definitely want to introduce you to the product the product itself is actually a hair remover dual cream by sally hansen i'm actually in love with this product is very very cost effective it's pain free it's something that you can do in the conference of your own home and ladies is very very easy it's actually two step process you just put on the actual hair remover itself and then you put on it has an amazing aster care cream that you can place on right after you do the hair remover.

Guys you definitely want to look into this product like I said it's cost effective it's something that you can I wouldn't list the locations below in the description box below and where you can pick up this product.

These are the two products that are actually within the box. This is the hair remover itself and. This is the after cream that I was telling you about I'm not sure if you can see it very well but basically ladies what you'll do a shoot place your hair removal on your face first and I stay apply it on any areas on your face that you want to remove the hair I'm going to apply it on my chocolate because that's where I want to remove my here at this time being and I'm just going to put a very very thin layer right here you don't have to apply much it's very very thin layer and then you want to wait for about two to three minutes you don't have to wait that long because you don't want it to irritate your skin. All right, ladies.

How to: Remove Facial Hair (DIY)

Laughing at least the next thing that we're going to do is take our extra smooth low show I'm cute moving it.

You guys can treat care thank you guys will see you now our extra smooth care lotion that you apply after the remover and.

Ladies you do not have to wipe this off you can keep this on the cool thing about foods privatized is that it has some really cool ingredients in it like vitamin E and it has like all kind of stuff on it I'll list everything that's in there in the description box below it's um it's some really good stuff someone's going to Rhydian some this and you just rub it in you don't have to wipe this off or wash this off or anything like that you want to keep this on the skin after you applied you know the remover and we took the remover off thank you guys.

Much for tuning in and watching my video I want to tell you guys please leave comments let me know what you guys think about this video and also let me know what you guys want to see me do I look forward to hearing from you guys please don't forget to give this video a thumbs up if you liked it don't forget to subscribe and I want to hear from you guys I'm happy holidays I do have some videos that are coming very very soon about holiday makeup looks and thank you guys.

Much for watching these safe and I'll see you guys soon yuck.

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