How To Repair Burn in Carpet

This video is about how to get a burn mark out of carpet as you can see here I have a pretty large burn mark from a candle spill things that you will need our pair of tweezers a pair of scissors if you have this curved kind of a like a I guess it's like a toenail scissor that would probably work best and then I'm using some carpet cleaner and a nice damp white you first need to do and I'm using a pair of tweezers for. This is to try to get the carpet to like stand - take your scissors and very slowly and meticulously you are going to start at the far edge and trim off that hard top layer pull that out of there and just trim that hard layer off I am going to say that if you have a large burn mark and it's in a very important conspicuous area of your house you may just want to pay to have like a carpet layer come in and they can take a piece of carpet from another part of like in a closet or if you have a spare piece and and patch that in and you will never know and I'm not sure I think it costs maybe depending on the size like 75 to 100 dollars to have something like that done and I would suggest that if it's in a really if it's large like this and it's in a really conspicuous spot that you would just go ahead and do that for me this spot is in my game room in kind of it's not a bad corner but it is a back part of the room and.

If it's not absolutely perfect it's not going to be the end of the world but it's not definitely not going to be as conspicuous as as it one now I've cut away most of the black top but there's still like a a light brown almost an orangish layer kind of right below that black pull up the little fibers and like then right there there's like a little bit of a dark burnt piece.

I'm going to cut that out pull that away and it's very slowly and meticulously and you're sort of cutting down in and trying to get the orange or the brown off and getting down to the regular color of you're getting there next I'm going to use um some carpet room stain remover um my favorite is the chem dry spot remover.

That's what I'm going to use I've got a white rag and the carpet cleaner.

How To Repair Burn in Carpet

I'm just going to spray that on and then I'm going to work that in with a clean wipe. Okay.

I've been having trouble getting the that last bit of the orangish brown coloring off.

I went out and got some gray fabric paint and I am using a brush you can see I did it over here already and I'm just dabbing it in and that is really making a difference in covering that up now it's not going to be perfect.

Again if you if it's in a very conspicuous part of your carpet I would go ahead and pay a professional to do it but. This is making a difference and I'll show you the very end product once I get that all touched up.

I'm going to let it dry and I will show you the final product but you can see that it's definitely looking much much better than it was hopefully yours is turning out the so. This is basically the final product it's still you can notice it a tiny bit I think it kind of seems a little bit more obvious on the video but when I go across the room and look over it really blends in pretty ears the carpet from a distance and frankly I would say you're going to have a hard time picking out exactly where the spot was up real close you can still notice it some but much much much improved.

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