How To Replace Cabin Filter On Toyota Sienna 2010

Hey guys! today i want to show you how to change the cabin filter on to your about Sienna 2010 it out all that I think this should get the same.

You open this and then call you pick up everything anything else you don't want to pay for up yeah on the rice I see that the hook right here.

You can sweet and take back up and say. Okay, now two of these I here that's it as we want and you squeeze this sigh on another side squeeze side swing on the side that's it the drop like that then pass cap in pewter that's the one you creep inside your car click that sturdy. All right. Okay, now take it up. Okay, when you take it off let's see the DJ. Okay, right here see that arrow oh ok let's meet enough air from outside which inside flow this on this side you to notice a mini put that you had a good night is. All right, now that's a new one oh this was not the one about is that from my friend song about this one more expensive than the one from the water.

You can go buy from Toyota hiding only a dollar.

How To Replace Cabin Filter On Toyota Sienna 2010

Goodbye for amazon or something give you the part number for this one's he bought from walmart more spensive yeah yeah that's where ok that's a white and you see the air the arrow from this I go to another side.

You have to put like this in there yeah yeah I think they got this I got a one man I have to use two hands it's like. All right, how deeply knew then I way back good you go yep and then put everything back you're done. Okay, good luck.

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