How To Replace Points and Condenser with Electronic Ignition Coil with Taryl

Okay in a previous video on this same scrub Cadet snowblower I showed you how to replace the points condenser now if you don't want to go through all that removing the starter clutch and popping the flywheel and all that there is an alternative way to get spark out of this and that put an electronic ignition coil on it and that's very easy and simple hey I got me a friend mr. mr. monk man there's the malt man alright anyway, I'm going to show you how to put that coil on there real simple why. All right, so. This is what we're going to do take off this cover take two screws that hold on take them off and you got to mess with the flywheel or the starter clutch special tools pair of wire cutters pull the wire up little coil off got two wires going back behind here snip them off you don't need them cut them off coils off now. This is a usual one but it's a good coil you can get a used one if you have a place to get a used one or go to parts store and get a new one you can tell the new one because it's got. This is all molded in. This is this is taken up the place of the points condenser see on the old ones you one don't have that see it's open here. This is the new one. This is a little pickup point that when the flywheel goes wide tells it when the sparkies work now these coils say on their cylinder side this side faces out if you put this thing on backwards then ain't going to spark.

You got to make sure you pay attention. This is the way it goes on right here with the ground. This is the ground wire right there that little tab the only thing that's four is the kill wire.

You can run a wire from there to a switch on/off switch whatever you want to do that's the only wire that you take you take a little piece of wire and go from here to here it's going to kill the motor you want to test this coil you just pull that off and that's how you test it if it don't spark it's bad if it sparks and your kill wires is grounded somewhere and then all you do take your old screws bolts coil on pull up on it snug it and then you want to create the air gap that goes between the magnets here's a magnet see hit up sticking to it.

You get a ten thousand feeler gauge if you don't have ten thousand feeler gauge you can use a business card line up the magnets with the coil put the business card in there loosen the screws BAM it sucks it tight against it tighten it down spin it get that card out of there now you got your air gap now it's ready to argue spark put cuffs back on now I didn't hook up a kill wire but I will put bolts in. All right, I got spark tester all hooked up ready to go show you it's going to spark now you can leave them points underneath that flywheel ain't gonna hurt nothing being down there they're just dead they're just down there dead you don't need them no more. All right, you camera on here hey for Barbie spark in the Funky Bunch there we go walk I'm gonna stick that on there we'll give a little shot little shot of juice there hey say there you go there's your dinner.

How To Replace Points and Condenser with Electronic Ignition Coil with Taryl

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