How to replace the Dyson clutch on a Dyson DC04, DC07 and DC14 vacuum cleaner

Hi, I’m Matt and I’m going to show you how to replace the clutch on a Dyson. Now this is a Dyson DC07 animal but the clutch mechanism is exactly the same across all of the clutched versions of the Dyson DC07, likewise the Dyson DC14 clutched models and the DC04s, with one exception, and that’s the Zorbster that uses a different clutch. Now, what is the clutch? It’s this mechanism here that allows you to engage and disengage the brushroll from the motor. This is the clutch itself that we are going to be replacing. A you can see it fits inside the housing there. As you can see there are two belts: the smaller belt hooks over the motor, and the larger belt hooks over the brushroll.

Now, if the smaller clutch belt has snapped, that is replaceable; you’ll see there are two screws on this end plate here, if you just undo those that does come off and you can just change the belt over. If the larger belt has snapped, or is spinning, then you are going to need to replace the entire clutch unit. Ok, lets’ start by taking everything off the Dyson that we can and then it’ll be much easier to work with. Ok, I’ m just going to remove this internal hose and the soleplate. Just turn those screws through 90 degrees with just a coin. So now I’ve stripped the Dyson right down, I’m just going to remove the brushroll here from the belt. Now, this is a bit awkward but you just need to pull it up and twist the belt off the end, like so.

There we go. Now the brushroll housing should just pop out and now we can really see what we’re doing. Now that the clutch in there, we’re going to start by removing this clutch cover. Now, for that, you’re going to need a torqueshead bit. You can get a full pack of these on the eSpares website. Ok, let’s start by removing these two screws in here. So now the clutch cover comes away and we can just slide the smaller clutch belt off the motor spindle.

There we go. Now I now need to remove this purple actuator cover here-there’s a catch on either side, if you just use a screwdriver just to pop it off the catch. You here that one go, and then use the screwdriver just to pop the one off the other side. You can see there where the two catches hook onto the actuator. So now, I should just be able to remove the clutch completely out of the housing-a bit fiddly. There we go. So, as I said before, if it’s just this clutch belt that’s gone, you can just undo these two screws to take this cover off and just replace that belt. I’m actually going to replace the whole clutch on this one and pop this new one in.

How to replace the Dyson clutch on a Dyson DC04, DC07 and DC14 vacuum cleaner

Ok, so we just slot it back into position. Do make sure you get these two notches here and here into that groove onto the clutch and that holds it firmly into the right place. I’m just going to pop the actuator cover back on. Ok, that’s done and then get the belt back over the motor spindle. Now, this is a new belt obviously so this is going to be a little bit trickier because it’s a little bit more tort but it should go over the motor fairly easily. There we go, that’s nicely in place. Ok, let’s put the cover back on and just do up the three holding screws.

Ok, that’s the clutch cover firmly back in place. Just drop the brush housing back in. Now, you’ll notice that the belt is a lot more tort that the old one was, so just use one of the end of your torques keys just to lift the belt out…I’m going to slide a screwdriver underneath as well so that I can lever it out and give myself a bit of room to get the brushroll through the belt. Now, quite tricky-you might have a few goes with the belt slipping off your screwdriver.

It will, with a bit of perseverance, go over the end of the brushroll like so. Now, I’ll take the screwdriver out. I just need to work that over until the belt goes over the correct bit of the brushroll, like so. Make sure that the brushroll is sat correctly in place and just give it a few spins, make sure that the belt is sitting correctly. Ok, so that’s the tricky bit done I just need to put everything back in the same way that it came off. There we go, that’s the clutch replaced on a DC04. Remember, the process is very similar for all the other clutched versions of the DCO7, and the DC14 and the DC04, with the exception of the Zorbster.

So the clutch, the belt, and the torqueshead set that you’ll need to undo the screws, they’re all available on the eSpares website. Thanks for watching.

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