How to Roast Pumpkin Seeds

Hello everybody I'm Harold with nature's friends and i'm jest with urban art today dangerous we are going to roast pumpkin seeds because tis the season for halloween and carving pumpkins and it's full and i went on like a crazy pumpkin carving fit so this is going to be the third time I've done this if anybody has suggestions on how to do it a different way please email them and we'll see we'll see what happens with that so she's giving me the hardest job exactly good night now open open I'll do they gettin it out you just I want you to cut it open for me and say my gizzard company it's Marcia yay around all right there you go just a pumpkin to you I deity yes now get the harvest the seeds what I do okay so you just get all this lovely stuff out of here really well I use a spoon to shave the sides but first I'm going to tear it all out this is the fun part kids usually love this when I was in school this was like the best part they would put it in a bowl and we were in a dart you know they put a sheet up and he had to put your hands at and guess what it was so anyway we've had a tremendous problem with squirrels around here this year eaten everything didn't you say there was an orange squirrel something lady was laying the other day she was having her copy and she said I saw this orange squirrel running down through my yard then a little bit later she went out and she found out that the squirrel indeed the hole in her pumpkin and even all the seeds out of it and that was the ark squirrel that's hilarious I could only imagine seeing I don't doubt it though there are a lot of squirrels so we're gonna finish cleaning this out and then um we're gonna go inside and wash them up yeah and all you do is you pick these seeds out and it's really fun and then when you're gonna rinse them off inside and we will join you there we'll see you then we have DC did we have a lot in there there are some extra chunks because we were kind of in a hurry so what I'm going to do now is look for it in the strainer right here and then you're just going to rinse them going around trying to get all that stuff out of there take your channel three yes because we're gonna want to try them off afterwards we have the oven set to 250 degrees I you know I'm kind of new at this but what I have experienced I try to check on him every 15 minutes depending on how crunchy you want them um I liked it it like 30 minutes slow roasted is what works for me but just keep an eye on them we know make sure we're all there's a lot of extra stuff in here that's okay um when we get our pumpkins from today the guy said guys you need to learn how to roast this pumpkin seeds we say it just about to take these and big amount and roast them we uh we might be digging in this for a while alright that's yeah like it sails and comfy yeah well I mean otherwise thousand tons of the sea not less somebody'll fixes yeah okay so I'm just gonna dry them off real quick madam here favorite algae maybe it's a couple more just so I can I mean this is a lot of see I've haven't done this huge batch before I can see where the squirrels and their orange glow my hands have been orange for a few days all right here let's do this might lose a few okay you always lose it for you they don't have to be with spray the pan for us yes can you spray that and shake it and spray it's butter flavored just so they don't stick and it gives it a nice flavor it saves you from having to melt butter and spin them in there you just use but that's that's really good you like butter don't cha I'm sure and then we're just gonna I got shreds can't help me out here man whoopee I got shreds of pumpkin it don't taste good too yeah it's a learning experience for everyone isn't it there Mila Cisco they're just kind of still wet and I don't like to use too many paper towels miss earth over here try and save the world so down another tree that's not right you're Nature's friend I know not a cycle it to you yes I hope okay so just make it spread it evenly like you don't want them to overlap yeah pick out this shred and always trying to pre-heat your oven yes preheat the oven like I said keep an eye on them because depends are different sizes people like them at different crunch levels if you want them Burt I'm sure it's possible ready to crank your of it up a little bit more all right so I think that's good just for fur now we all think you want to get into thick do you know I want passionate done well we have to let the guy at the store try some there his pumpkin geez all right now salt depending on how much salt you like you can also add What did he say today said the old bay is being loose or anything would be good but we're just going to do it this way and got a lot of butter on there okie dokie set your timer I like to set my timer to remind me every time to check on it we're just going to set it for just do 25 right now and then we'll tag team and see how it goes all right it will catch you interview we're back we dragged it out of the oven um it actually took about 50 minutes only because these seeds are bigger there are fuller and we're meeting them so it took more time to kind of roast them nice and if you have two trays like this you know you just rotate them keep your eye on them depending on how crunchy you get to kind of taste test the whole time and it goes great it's just like in trail mix or by themselves in a big bowl I think I like them with Eminem's and eminem's and you can just pick out those other crunchies but they might taste one attention with a new Yankee day they're like I cannot risk mmm that's really good actually really good too so if you have all that shredded stuff left over you can kind of just throw that on their kind of pumpkin crisps mmm yeah yes they're very very good minus the great pumpkin has nothing on us no he doesn't when I got to show you how to do that I'm so kissable will soon be gone mmm um if you have any questions just email them nature Syrian nature screams and and if you're interested in art work or whatever or I don't know yeah anything else just find me on Facebook arrogant ill next time I'm Harold with nature's friends and I said you can email me at nature's friends and they bark me Oh calm and I'm Jess thank you for showing us how to do this
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