How to roast pumpkin seeds

Okay everybody Damon eight greenhorn garmin about to roast some pumpkin seeds here these are the same pumpkin seeds that you saw on how to save the pumpkin seeds video so what we're going to do now is these are on a pizza sheet now Betty's dry for a few days and what we're going to do now is just you know put some butter on them and the butter is a salted butter someone gonna add any extra salt and then I roast them in the oven full out I don't know in 350 for a few minutes in this row so my car pretty much would roast peanuts and then I'm gonna top them off with some powdered sugar and cinnamon and maybe some clove or something like that okay so we're back about to test eight tablespoons of butter and just salt it butters you can get from the grocery store you know I just kind of keep it up I've about two tablespoons and what this will do this will melt and then once you start roasting them on the butter melts and I'll go and give everything a good stir what gets all coated in there and then just let that be it like I say this is a salted butter so I'm not going to add any extra salt to the whole thing and so and once that's done baking I will then like you say add the sugar and cinnamon and whatever spices I feel like putting on that next and be a nice little tasty snack so if you want to grow pumpkins this is a great way to use eat the seeds and you can use the flesh for pies baking breads and things like that so I'm going to put this in the oven give it a good baked and once it's done we'll come back let you see what it looks like okay so it does not take very long at all for the butter to melt and so what you want to do is you just want to just kind of take it and stir it everything make sure everything it's well coated in the butter we lost a couple well you know this is kind of a Swedish butter knife actually kind of had a college professor friend who had the honor of doing some research over there and brought in chef is his wife rock is back for me is recognized but just stir it around now that you see everything is kind of well coated and I'm gonna just put it back into the oven and let it roast on until gets to desired crunchiness okay here we are it's done roasting now I'm take a taste it's very good cause is good good stuff now I'm gonna do now let's just let it cool cool woman will come back and actually put the will actually put the sugar and stuff on it and that's pretty much it I mean you can eat it playing like this with the butter and the salt and all that and that or you can just sprinkle it with whatever seasonings you want now I'm going to do some powdered sugar and some cinnamon and that's going to be in so basically that's how you roast a pumpkin seed it has a very similar romo to popcorn and and you know and since you're eating the seed of a plant it has a kind of nutty flavor to it and that's what I like about it and you can make it salty you can make it sweet you getting make it buttery some people use olive oil I'm a bigger fan of butter than I am of olive oil so and that's how that works so there you go there you have it folks how to roast a pumpkin seeds you want to know more about how to garden and things like that check out greenhorn gardening calm or your free download on the right way to making these organic fertilizers and I'll take that use at this season let me know how it goes for you check you guys later bye bye
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