How to - Sally Hansen Creme hair remover kit

Hey guys! um. This is going to be a video on how to use the sally hansen cream hair remover kit alright that's what it looks like the box by sally hansen and in the box when you open it up you have the hair remover for the face it's too bright here comes with extra smooth conditioner super little tiny thing.

Focus Bella and then it comes with the instructions I'm actually going to show you guys how to do it.

First I don't know I is my first time using it the first time I'm gonna put my hair back oh please don't mind um all the noise in the back because I'm babysitting and there's a watching TV.

And please don't mind the messy hair in the face and everything I'm just going to use some clips because I don't want any of this hair to get away if you have a shower cap that work fine too. Okay, and then I'm I should super secure. Okay.

How to - Sally Hansen Creme hair remover kit

Then after you do that you want to make sure it says in the instructions do not wash your face um two hours before you do this and then do not wash it or add any soap or anything like that or lotion or anything for two hours after that's why it gave you its own lotion.

It could suit out just in case it's also sensitive um I haven't used it yet.

I can't really make it overview I could after towards the end of the video. This is just gonna show you guys how I do it um says it reduces the appearance of hair regrowth it removes hair moisturizes the skin and it's fast and pain-free.

Let's get started first thing it says is make sure you just use it on the upper lip the chin and like right here all over the face you do not want to use it by the I browser by the eyes and not.

Close to the hair but as close as you want to like the hairline may be right there you don't want to get this hair also look weird um I know I have to read I to um it says do not use it on broken out or very sensitive skin I have sensitive skin and I break out like crazy and I break out all over but I'm chancing it because I really want to see if it's. Okay, if you can use it for it or not um it says wait 24 hours before sun bathing or swimming when you after use this product and just says put a little bit one-sixteenth of this cream on your face and all of you guys could see my hair but I don't know if you guys could see it or not but I have a lot right here way too good like too dark and ugly for a girl when every girl has facial hair mustache all that stuff but usually there's a really light or blonde but you could totally see mine it's gross.

That's why I'm doing this um says put on for first test it always want to do that text but Tessa says do it under the UM the arm and yeah I'm not going to do that I'm just going to go straight for it says get a little bit and then put it on and you're going to want to time this.

I have my phone I'm going to now the narrow face one I know is totally good.

Don't rub in just kind of Pat it and you want make sure you don't miss any pieces to let me get my mirror is I think this video is going to be longer than I was hoping but.

Just as pat dry make sure you have a timer because you're going to want to only leave it on for three minutes it says um.

You're gonna look anywhere else and see where you might need it or want it I'm just looking in my mirror here you do not want this stuff on if it's gonna burn it's not worth it because your face will look.

Gross hate to say teacher cryogenic yeah but come on but have a substitute teacher and your name's mr. buttburn what do you expect hey and always have your paper towels ready to take off any extra stuff. Okay.

Now that I have it on you as you can see it looks really weird I know um it's already been on for about a minute and 30 seconds.

That's what my timer says and um I'm gonna leave it on for three minutes and then it says use a warm tissue or cotton ball to wipe it off I have paper towels that's rough and in soft on one side.

Use anything really soft but doesn't leave I like using tissue because it rips too easy.

Um I'm going to do that and it says if you do a test and it doesn't work if you're still hair then leave it on for two more minutes.

Just for the heck of it I think I'm going on for five minutes total and then we'll check right here here. All right, there are manye and then I'll be right back. Okay, it's been about five minutes I'm going to a paper towel I'm going to dip it in my lukewarm water like it says I'm going to test it right here my mate.

And it didn't really work there's still some hair right here and right here haven't done all this yet um.

I'm gonna finish like pin it all off and I'll be right back. Okay.

There is no hair here no hair here or here but there's a little bit right here right here and some right here I noticed that the darker pieces actually took it seemed like it would it took longer.

I think i mighta I should have bought the wax strips too just to do after this um but um i'm going to add because. This is do not exceed over eight minutes and i've only done for 5 i'm just going to place some dabs on where it didn't come off and leave it on for three more minutes and then wipe it off with warm water now it says warm water.

Please make sure it's warm.

I think cold want to be good um some put it on where I didn't come off leave it on and um yeah I'll wipe it off. Okay.

The three extra minutes totally helped like crazy um i have no more hair here I've no hair here and I am.

Well I love it.

Pretty much um you don't want to do eight minutes all over because it feels like it's a little sensitive um.

Pretty much I would just do like um three minutes and then or five minutes and then the parts that are blond hair and then the ones that are dark dark dark dark hair weave then put that on after but my face is already smooth and it's nice.

Next what you got to do is it says glide on extra smooth areas / to / where you treated your hair with and let it dry on your skin now it says for the other cream please do not let it dry it says I'll just hurt your skin.


I just opened it up it's like this weird conditioner stuff I'm just gonna put it on and it's like olay or something with protein.

And then don't do anything for your face for 20 ever not 20 for two hours and then you're done and yeah thanks for watching comment below subscribe and yeah hope you guys liked it hi guys.

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