While taco here what we're going to talk about on this video is is soaking nuts and seeds far as I understand all nuts and seeds have an enzyme inhibitor on it that does not release all the nutrients if you just eat them all the way they are and also what you want to do is when you eat nuts and seeds you want to have raw nuts and seeds you don't want to have roasted or salted any kind of form of processing because for them to roast them and solve them generally that kills off or eliminates a lot of the nutrition that you can your body can absorb out of the nuts and seeds so by soaking them and makes them pretty digestive and they your body absorbs them more and just say let's say we go to the ballgame and we get peanuts we crack the shells we eat the peanuts while we're there and then the next time we have in an elimination if you want to walk you'll see that there's undigested peanuts if that's what we ate was peanuts in other nuts and seeds they work the same way your body won't digest them and exhort them to where they just when you eliminate they just come out so in a whole form that's the time to accept what we crunched up in our mouth so what we're going to talk about is soak in them so you can make them pretty I jest 'iv which eliminates the inhibitor on it the enzyme inhibitor to where it makes it softer and your body can absorb the nutrients out of it and you don't have whole pieces coming out in your waste so when I say waste I mean your stool so so what we're going to do is what what I do is almonds or is one of the super mats one of the harder nuts I think it's been labeled one of the super mats and then so I pick my jaw here's a jar I typically use you can see I got marks on it to write it around here and it's about a little less than halfway so I'll take my almonds and also on almonds and nuts and seeds you want to eat in consume organic and non pasteurize almonds I think are the most commonly across the board that are pasteurized but the goal would be the seek out non-pasteurized because a lot of the pesto ization don't use a chemical it's a long word so it's P o PE or PPO or something like that abbreviation but it's toxin and other ways is heat and in any heat that's above from 105 108 to 119 degrees anything above like 119 starts killing off the vitamins minerals and enzymes that our body thrives on ex Orban when we eat these this source of food so when you get non-pasteurized you have the maximum nutrition that can be in it then when you soak it your body is able to absorb the maximum of the nutrition so so what we'll do is open up these nuts here and then I take a fresh spring water right now I'm using a bottle spring water but we want to take a fresh spring water or some good water source not just out of the tap the normal tab and we want to fill it up just a little bit less than maybe a half inch or so from the top and then that way because it will expand and thus will expand and you don't want your jar to crack and such so let's just go ahead put in there a good water source so keep it down a little bit from the top and I hate I haven't had it happen on me but I've heard it's happened to where people put it all the way up in the nuts expand it they might have put too much nuts too much water and then expand it and crack the jar let me grab a lid here and then you just pull it on and you tighten it down all the way and then I personally just take a fan and I just set it on the counter that way if there's any chance of defaults the water doesn't go all over them everywhere so just for an example say I decided to do this 9:00 in the morning I'll do it 9:00 in the morning do what I just did I'll put it on the counter and then 9:00 in the evening 12 hours later I'll I'll drain the water out with the scepter and a strainer and then I'll put a little bit more water back in there rinse it and strain it back out then I'll fill it back up but the nuts will be swelled up so they'll take up more of the jar which will take up less water but I'll still fill the water up about about a little lesson about a half inch a little less than a half inch from the top and go till 9:00 in the morning again so I go another 12 hours so the total is 12 hours on almonds and then once you get to there you strain the water out again a little bit more rinsing then I fill it back up just to the top of the nuts at that time then I'll go ahead and put in the refrigerator basically what you want to do is do enough what you're going to eat within the next few days a lot of time I'm getting ready to make some coconut almond yogurt and what I'll do is I'll use this to make coconut almond yogurt and I'll put some in my smoothies I'll just eat some plain straight so I don't know going to be on this video continue this on another video to where once they soak I'll show you what a soft nut is and all actually I could do that right now I have some I guess they were looking I see it on the screen so here you have the SOAPnet almonds and these were the same almond source and you can just see what's right in there you can just see these are swallowed up so the ant enzyme inhibitors release the almonds swallowed up so now when I bite into it it's soft its crunchy but it's not as crunchy in hard does this almond is so so if you can see that I don't know if it's hard to see but it's so so it makes it pretty I jest if where your body absorbs it a little bit or I mean sorry a lot better so well that's all for today and we'll go from there we'll talk to you
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