How To Soak, Sprout and Dehydrate Your Almonds

Hi this is Beth Sowers and I am from the crunchy housewife comm and I want to show you how to soak a head properly soak and dehydrate your almonds so that you can eat them later for snacks or make almond butter out of them or whatever so right here I have in my hands I have a pound of raw almonds it's from Trader Joe's but you can use other places as well um there are nuts if you happen to live by Trader Joe's they are a really really really good price so try to get them if you can but if not no worries anyways I pour this into a bowl and with these almonds I'm putting a pound into this glass bowl I'm only going to soak my almonds overnight and I just wanted to make a note that there are some people who advocate and who practice soaking the almonds longer like maybe two days or so and if you're going to do that you want to use a much larger bowl because the almonds are really really going to expand if you soak them for a long long time my almonds are just going to soak overnight maybe you know 10 to 12 hours so this bowl is okay for them um then I'm going to add some sea salt some yummy yummy sea salt this is good stuff I'm gonna add about teaspoon or so a little bit more probably and that I'm just using my hand cuz that's easy and then just add it mmm okay that's good so and then I have right here I have some warm water I'm going to add it I'm going to you put enough warm water in here to cover the almonds and then add a little bit more warm water here so they're nice nice nice and covered then I want to stir it up a little bit I'm going to wait a few minutes and let the sea salt dissolve the finest ki salts I have it's just regular sea salts and I put it in a salt grinder and grind it down to a finer so you thought to use on food and things like that so this stuff I'll let it dissolve for a few minutes um however after it's done dissolving I take this little towel put it over my almonds and either just leave it on the counter or I put it on top of the refrigerator I put it in the warmest place that I can just to keep the water a little bit warmer while they're soaking um and I use your cooler also if the house temperatures are going to be lower if it's you know cooler winter's night or anything like that so we will come back tomorrow morning and I will show you what I do to dehydrate these and to make them into a crunchy snack and later I will show you how to make almond butter that's yummy yummy yummy stuff anyways thank you and I will see you in the morning bye good morning this is Beth Sowers I'm back with the almonds that I soaked and I wanted to make a really quick video and show you how to get these into the oven so they can dehydrate um I've got to take my son to school so I'll do this very quickly um anyway so what I've done is I had the almonds in this bowl right here I drained them into this colander rinse them off just a little bit and there they are um so take these I'll drain can you just spread them out on this cookie sheet pan whatever now if you have a dehydrator you should have dehydrating sheets that you can use for your dehydrator and you want to dehydrate these at no more than 150 degrees I don't have a dehydrator I have an oven and I'm sure a lot of you may have an oven as well that you have to do your dehydrating with so that's what I'll show you here so you want to just spread these almonds out so they're nice and flat use it that you know shake it back and forth and things like that so these are the almonds we make that I dehydrate when I make almond butter but whenever we have crispy almonds um there it's a recipe and nourishing traditions after I and and and those are the almonds we snack on and they are so so good so whenever we do that after I'm done dehydrating or I'm sorry after I'm done soaking the almonds I take this almonds and I peel the almonds skin off just like that and it's very easy because it's wet and almonds have been soaked and so it just makes it a lot easy - a lot easier to do skin them see just pop them off like that so when I want almonds as a snack that's what I do is I peel the skins off it takes about 15 minutes to de skin the almonds if you want to do that and have them for a snack otherwise I think almond butter is much better with the skins on and I know it's it's a it could be a little bit more phytates and stuff like that but we neutralized a lot of the fight a lot of the phytic acid in the skins when we soaked them in a salt water solution and also when you dscan the almonds it's a great great activity to do with your son or daughter with your kids my daughter loves to D skin the almonds with me it's not even funny it's it's really cute and actually she'll take the almond skins and she'll put them on her finger like they're little people and she just has a blast so it's a lot of fun so we're over here my oven is at 170 degrees that is the lowest temperature that it will go to so we want to take these almonds and just set them inside we're going to dehydrate these for like I don't know anywhere from 12 to 24 hours you can set them there with the oven went as we close the oven door in order to cool down the oven a little bit more inside and keep it below 170 degrees you can leave the door to the oven open just like that just whip you know just cracked if you need to keep something there to heat help keep the oven open you can use a wooden spoon or some like that however I need to caution you that when you leave the oven open you need to play it safe with your kids make sure that they don't touch these knobs or any of these parts and burn themselves so you really really need to watch it there and you also if you have to do any cooking later on in the day or anything like that you need to watch everything right here if you have knobs like I have knobs and just make sure you play it safe and don't burn yourself you can also maybe intermittently close and open the oven door just kind of let some some of the hot air out and then close it for a while and let them cook like that so that's another way you can kind of keep it cooler in your oven and um that's how you do it I wanted to give you a real quick note about when I soaked my almonds last night I put my almonds in this bowl filled it up with the with a warm water and in the salt and I took a towel and I put it over them now one thing that happened to overnight is my towel sunk into the water and a whole towel became wet and I had put this on top of my refrigerator and there was a big well not really a big wet puddle on the floor but there's there's a good-sized sweat puddle on the floor this morning so I want to just let you know that when you are soaking almonds if you put a towel on top you can do that you can put a lid on top and just kind of keep it loose just just make sure if you use a towel or cheesecloth or whatever don't let it touch the water so that it does the same thing that did to me so just keep that in mind you can also make sure you use a bigger jar in order to keep that from happening so anyways that's how you make them you'll take these beautiful almonds out in about twelve hours to 24 hours however you want to do it and then they'll be nice and crispy and ready to go for your almond eating satisfaction thank you very much I hope you have a great day bye hi I'm back I just wanted to show you the crispy almonds that we make this is how they turn out if you eat them as a snack and you want to peel off the skin like this we kicking their bin and we love to snack on them we don't season them with anything extra they're the almonds get a little bit salty from soaking in the saltwater solution overnight um I have added salt before as they're dehydrating you can add paprika you can add seasoned salt you can add cinnamon you know all sorts of things to your nets to make them taste the way you want them to taste um you can add some herbs and you can make them so so good so anyways just wanted to show you what these look like okay I'll talk to you later remember to visit my blog at the crunchy housewife comm where I blog about all things crunchy and natural home natural family and sustainable living bye
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