How to use foil on rubber stamps & on stamped images & marble backgrounds

Welcome! hi and welcome to waffle Flowers YouTube channel my name is Alexandra and I normally blog over at Hedgehog hello today I'm.

Excited to be here as a guest poster to show you how to stamp with deco foil foil is a really popular technique right now but I wanted to be able to show you how you can use it also with your stamps just to add some extra sparkly details.

Let's get started.

the first thing we need to do is complete our background I'm going to use the layering marble waffle flowers set to do this we're going to use our deco foil and some of the color story ink we're going to pop these to the side whilst we get our thumbs out and I want to explain to you how this stamp set works it's a three-step stamp.

How to use foil on rubber stamps & on stamped images & marble backgrounds

If I grab it out of the packet here and waffle fire I've made it super easy to use.

Everything has a one two and A three and there's an A one and A two.

A one is standalone then you get a B 1 a B 2 and B 3 a C 1 C 2 and C 3 and a D 1 D 2 and D 3.

That's the order you will stamp them in and you can use all three steps on some of these your see I'm just going to use two steps on some we'll use all three as well the standalone piece is great to just fill in some areas and we may use that as well depending on how our piece looks I have a piece of Neenah solar white and. This is card front size.

It's five and a half by four and a quarter and then I've just trimmed a quarter of an inch off one of the short sides and one along sides to right down to five and a quarter by four inches the way that I tend to start with the layering marble stamp is I use three acrylic blocks and I stick each of the number one pieces onto an acrylic block and I need a slightly larger one for this let's grab that one out the drawer you can of course use your Misti but because I just like to stamp all over the place just to give myself a background initially I just use a credit blocks because it just gives me that little bit more flexibility and we also need piece D one and with these I lay them down and I pick them up the five locks.

That I know that they're nice and straight.

When I layer them up they're going to work perfectly now we're going to use some pink we're going to use the safe choice and I'm going to start with like a pro which is a nice great color as well and I'm going to purchase the lids next to them just.

That I know what colors they are as we stamp out and. This is our safe choice.

Let's start by stamping one of each out I'm going to do one in the gray I'm going to do a pink and if you don't get a full image it is absolutely fine because we want this to look like marble and natural products are not completely the same on each one cut my block there and then I'm going to go in I'm going to give these a quick wipe off of my stamp shammy and I'm going to go around and I'm going to fill in this whole piece with the gray and the pink pieces for our next step we're going to add some of the peace of mind the slightly darker blue grey into some of these places and then we're going to add art deco foil and I'm using the rose gold deco foil and I've taken a piece already out of my role here.

You get quite a few of these pieces in a roll you can see some reflections of the camera and things there as well.

We're going to got that ready to the side and I'm going to use the deco art glue as well so. This is the deco foil liquid adhesive.

We'll use that in just a second but first of all I want to add a little bit more depth and I am going to use these are all the number two stamps.

I'm just going to go and I'm going to stamp away and then we're going to stamp with our adhesive.

You may have noticed I took a little bit of artistic license in here now these do the twos and the threes both line up perfectly within your marbles . However, I to give it a bit a license here in particular where there was some white pieces I didn't want and here where I wanted some heavier contrast in there as well.

You can either layer them up perfectly or you can go a bit road like I did there now we're going to stamp out with our adhesive and. This is why I went a little bit over the top with the other pieces.

That when I now take my sponge and I'm just going to sponge on some of the glue and then I'm going to stamp my piece down and. This is where your foil is going to go.

The minute is going to look clear and I'm going to take each piece and bear in mind you can go back and add more afterwards.

I'm going to take a more solid piece in here and. This is what gives you that wonderful sparkle in your background and. This is just a cheap sponge I'll link them all up for you and I'm going to go over this middle piece and the other thing is by not setting them up perfectly if when I now go on and stamp again sometimes I might catch the same pieces.

I'm not going to have that same all over I know see how this comes out because of course you can't really see where you put that adhesive.

I tended on my son's will to go back a couple of times I'm going to take my piece of foil I'm going to pop it over the top I'm going to give it a really firm push down now the first thing I did was. This is what my favorite tools in my craft room it's actually a wallpaper roller and I'm just going to roll it all over just to get sure all of that foil is stuck down and there is no wastage on foil because you can always use the smallest little bits like we will later on and then I'm going to do is I'm going to turn it over and I'm just going to be quite heavy-handed with my bone folder on that piece there and again I'm going to do the same on the front just to really make sure that everything is stuck down and what your test is is when you pull it back if there's any resist you know you've your pull off some foil if you haven't you just need to leave it a little bit longer.

I'll just go leave this for a couple minutes I'm going to wash my stamps because you want to wash them fairly quickly just with soap and water and then we can touch in the next bits.

Here's our finished piece once I removed that full I'm happy with the amount of foil I had on there I don't want too much because I'm going to have lots in the dress but do you love how you just get that shimmer in the background and you get that lovely sparkly Fleck which marble often has when I look at our countertops.

Now we can move on to our dresses pop this to the side and for that I'm going to use my mini Misti and I've already dumped out and pre-cut the dress here from the heatwave a sunset the heatwave set has some beautiful dresses in it we're going to use this one here it has these lovely flowers and coordinating accessories as well as a skirt on top but we're going to add the detail to our dress using that deco foil now often we want to stamp out small things in our Misti and it is totally possible.

I wanted to show you how I'm going to use a little bit of easy dots. This is just refinishing a little adhesive and I keep tabs on maps here in my Misti and I'll link those videos up for you in the blog post which means I can just put it straight down but you do want to look at bird's eye view.

Straight down.

I apologize if my head comes into the camera view I just want to look straight down now I'm going to pick up my piece and I'm just going to stick my finger in here just to make sure that my dress doesn't move although I do always just do a triple check and again we're going to use our deco art adhesive I have a piece of window sheet. This is just the plastic that comes on the back your stamps I keep them for all sorts of things and again we're going to apply it with our sponge same sponge.

Let's put that all over ask them I'm gonna be quite generous again I can get this off the Misti it's not the laser-etched side just warm water on or your stamp shammy is often quite enough.

I'm going to be quite generous here with that d6 and I'm going to stamp it down and.

Rylan having those white areas in the dress we're going to end up with some beautiful foils areas and I'm being quite firm put that adhesive down again I'm just going to use my finger to peel off our dress because of course it wants to stick to our misty because of that foil in there I'm going to remove this just as it is and the ink I used was good after midnight from my favorite things I just wanted a nice rich almost like a Wedgewood blue now I'm going to stick this down and you can see here where all the pieces have gone from my background of marbling and you'd want to leave that for a couple minutes.

While that sets and picks up the foil from the top and it's going to pop that to the side and we can do our sentiment.

Again I'm going to grab one of my tests on that and I've used the perfect sentiment from Waffle flower because it was perfect for I needed and it's that beautiful brush grip which looks.

Elegant with that dress now I'm going to use that the adhesive that I had left over.

Again I'm just going to pick up my sponge and you could use any adhesive for this but because I already have this here I'm just going to layer one die-cut on top of the other just to give it a little bit more thickness when I stick it down now. This is slightly different because the P is separate from the rest of your sentiment.

You just want to stick those two together and again I'm going to leave them to dry just for a couple of minutes just to the side of my workspace got that D civ on there and it will work with paper.

You can use up any little bits that you've got left over I always start with the biggest letter when I'm laying up sentiment and then I work one end the other end and then the rest kind of seems to always fall into line after that.

Let's have a look at our address and put this to the back just for a moment and then I'm going to grab my wallpaper roller and the thing I find is when it's ready it will release itself.

Once the foil has been taken off that release sheet the piece itself looks out come loose.

When you start to lift it back. This is not quite ready yet.

I'm just going to leave this for a couple of minutes I'll go and wash my stamps and then we can finish assembling our card.

Here are all our final assembly pieces. This is our background and. This is a card base I made out 110 pound Neenah solar white just half a sheet of eight and a half by eleven and then fold it in half I've already added on my 3m foam tape to the back of this panel and you'll want to decide which way up you want your piece to be now I tend to open up my card bases just to stick down my phone because it's a little bit easier to manage and I tend to get a better result I have also pre foamed up the back of my dress and you can see there that beautiful gold rose gold leaf effect that we get on our dress which is absolutely beautiful.

Again and I just double stacked the foam on this one because I want a lots of dimension.

That sparkle really shows and now we can add our perfect that we did earlier with our two layers again grab one of those tests on sheets you can see mine are very well-loved I'm going to use some pretty thick Elmer's glue stick tolik glue pans lots of things you could use here and I'm going to stick my pea and I want it to go in the waste of my dress and just those two layers give it that nice edge if you've got your deco foil glue left you could use that too and just very sparingly on there and then I'm going to stick down the rest of my effect.

There we go.

That's our finished card and lots and lots of bling and sparkle love how you can stamp out with deco foil hope you enjoyed today's tutorial do you check out the linked blogpost and supply list below this video Waffle flower are giving away a gift card as part of my guest post you can also find me everywhere under Hedgehog holo and we hope to see you again soon do give our video a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel see you again soon happy stamping bye.

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