How to Use NEW Therm O Web Deco Foil Transfer Gel

Hi everybody. This is Rebecca Keppel I'm here for thermal web today and I want to show you the brand new deco foil transfer gel that was just released at CH a in january. This is a super exciting innovative product that can create dimension on your crafts and also you can foil that dimension.

You can see some samples that I created here I use two stencils to create this that's probably the easiest way to use this new deco foil transfer gel is to just apply it over a stencil let it dry then put your foil on top run it through your laminator and you have raised dimension that's also foiled you can see with the watercolor foils it is absolutely beautiful.

I'm going to show you how quick and easy it is to apply the gel and then how to laminate it and then how to add it to a card.

Right now I just have a prototype.

How to Use NEW Therm O Web Deco Foil Transfer Gel

It's not going to look exactly like this your bottle will be labeled and have instructions and all those goodies on it mine is just a prototype for now but I'm just using a palette knife and I'm putting a bunch out on the stencil and then I'm taking a gift card and just getting a real nice smooth finish I actually don't mind the textured lines but some people do and so. This is the easiest way to get a smooth smooth finish you want enough that you're going to get some dimension there with these tiny little stencils it's tough to know exactly how much to use.

Just when you're done put the extra back you can see that I had taped the stencil down with some washi tape.

Now I'm going to pull a corner that doesn't have the washi tape and look you can see that dimension already and here you can tell that the adhesive is wet because it's white. Okay, I want to clean my stencil off right away because it is an adhesive and I don't want it to get ruined once the adhesive looks clear it's going to take like an hour here that was a wet one that's white the clear one is the dry one then I'm going to heat up my laminator I'm going to give it a good 10 15 sometimes I give it even 20 minutes to warm up and I'm going to grab my deco foil sheets I love these watercolor sheets they're absolutely beautiful you get gradient of color and going to put the color side facing me I'm cutting it.

That I don't have to run through the whole thing through my laminator for just a small portion and then what I'm going to do is create a sandwich now thermal web gives you some parchment sheets in some of the other products.

You can use that I'm just using a piece of copy paper here the benefit of the parchment is that it won't stick to anything and you'll see that my copy paper does stick to a little bit on the side there it's not a big deal because I'm going to die-cut it down anyway, but just.

You know parchment is probably the best thing to use for this see there right there it's stuck a little bit to my paper but just on the edge and I'm not going to use that part anyway, you can see the little stencil stars coming through and then when I peel it away it's both the dimensional stars and they're foils and I love again the watercolor the different colors that you get all on one sheet of transfer.

That is.

Much fun and. This is a great background for a card.

I've cut it down to a small rectangle and I'm going to watercolor over it I've done this before with foiling I've used it as a resist and I'll link to that video here but I wanted to show you that that this new transfer gel also the foiling will act as a resist too.

I'm using some tombow markers and I'm just scribbling them on a piece of plastic that was just some packaging and then I'm using my Prima water brush to apply the color to the watercolor card that I did use watercolor paper for this and that transfer gel it's fine on even 60-pound card stock but if you're going to do something like this over top then I would definitely recommend using watercolor paper.

I'm bringing in some yellows some greens just some fun spring colors and then my last the favorite color is that blue I just love that color.

I'm going to bring that in at the top here and just kind of blend everything together with the water brush and if you miss any spots you can go back in you can even do the smooshing technique where you add some water to the acetate and then you just drag your project through it I kind of do that at the bottom there just to get that that little bit at the edge covered.

I really like the way. This is looking and I'm just going back in again blending a little bit more once I'm done I am going to heat set this.

That I can put my card together.

Now that I've heat set it I brought out a waffle flower set of stamps and I'm going to stamp this little bowtie here but I am going to color it with the tombo.

I'm using Ranger archival ink.

I'm just stamping on a little scrap piece of paper because I am going to die-cut this out but before I do that I'm going to grab some orange and yellow out of the tombow markers and I'm just going to quickly color you can see that. This is probably not the best paper to use for this I was just really using up a scrap piece of paper here but it does start to pill a little bit just from all the liquid in the markers themselves they're very juicy which is awesome but if you don't use the right paper you can get some pilling there I'm. Okay, with it I don't think it's that big of a deal you can see I kind of touch it away every once in a while.

I'm just having some fun doing just some basic blending with the orange and the yellow and you could really use anything for this technique same with the watercolor over the background piece you could just use cakes you know watercolor cakes you could use liquid watercolors whatever you want the foil does act as a resist even if you use this new transfer gel your foil will still resist the watercolor and if you get some on top you can wipe it away with a either a baby wipe or a dry paper towel.

I'm just finishing up here and once we are done with this I'm going to use the coordinating die that waffle flower has I'm going to send it through my Sizzix machine and cut it out but before I do that I'm going to stamp on the background I've never done this before.

This was a new thing for me I decided to see if I could stamp over some of the stars on the bottom but mostly on the watercolor cardstock.

I decided to use stays on ink to see if it would work because. This is not the stars are not that dimensional that I felt like it would be a real problem stamping over them but I wanted to see if this stays on would work and I was super happy and surprised to find that it did you'll see how great I think it comes out really really cute.

I'm going to use this stays on because I don't want it to smear off of the few stars that I end up stamping over.

I'm stamping up the sentiment your boat aful that's also from that Waffle flower stamp set and I have it in my Misti this way I can line everything up perfectly and if I don't get a good impression I could stamp it again and it'll place exactly where I had it the first time but surprisingly it came out great I thought this was super super cute.

I'll definitely be doing that technique again now I have a little card base there that's from hero arts and I've cut a small white card panel with one of my lawn fawn stitched rectangle dies and I'm going to lay that down I'm using some thermal web memory runner XL to adhere everything I'm going to use the same adhesive to adhere this watercolor panel I'm going to just make sure that I get all of the edges because I really don't want this to curl or warp.

I'm going to get a lot of adhesive on there and then I'm going to press down all of the edges.

That it stays nice and flat my last piece of the puzzle is to pop up the little bow and I'm going to use thermal web 3d Zots for that and I've used three of them by one on each side of the bow and right in the middle and I'm kind of sticking it to my fingers on accidentally but no big deal and there you go it's super easy to use this new deco foil transfer gel it adds both dimension and foiling.

I hope you will check it out I will have links down below thanks.

Much for stopping by.

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