How to use RTV and properly make a gasket

This video is going to show you the proper way to use RTV to make your own gasket and to seal something such as a rear differential your oil pan a thermostat gasket if you're going to use it in a area that has high temperatures get high temperature RTV it's a silicone gasket maker make sure that it's compatible with the liquids that you're gonna be using it around so. This is a rear differential cover. This is compatible with rear gear oil.

Just take the cap puncture the top of the RTV like.

Now you're going to cut this to the desired thickness.

I'm gonna try this thickness first you could always cut it thicker but you can't go back just screw that on now we want to try to make a continuous bead going around the inside of these bolt holes.

How to use RTV and properly make a gasket

You're going to want to start the bead at the top of the differential because that's going to be the weakest spot of the bead and that's right here be careful but you could use too much of this RTV and then it'll get in the differential you could also use too little and then you won't make a good seal.

You want just the right amount as seen in this video when I compress this it'll spread out just enough.

That's a thick enough layer but it won't leak into the differential and that's about a quarter of an inch thickness right in the middle of the surface take your time their goals for one continuous bead it's not the end of the world if you can't get a continuous it'll smooth itself like.

You only need to do this if you don't have a gasket and now you're gonna just let it sit for about 15 minutes let it get a little bit tacky and then we're gonna put it on the differential and just hand tighten it.

That the gasket gets compressed and any air bubbles get pushed out and it makes a nice seal with your other mating surface.

I'm gonna go show you that now.

Now I have a paper towel with brake clean on it and I'm just gonna go around and clean off the mating surface good nice and clean nice and smooth now I'm gonna put the rear differential cover back on with the RTV.

The key thing here is gonna be get these two bolts in top and bottom without moving it around too much.

I'm gonna push the bolt through the top and I'm gonna push the bolt through the bottom and I'm gonna do my best to align this without smearing good top and bottom bolts are in I'm gonna hand tighten the bottom one first hand tighten the top one not all the way but just enough.

That you start feeling a little bit of resistance and now we're going to go in a star pattern I'm gonna start from the bottom go top bottom top side side side side now you could either torque them to about 5 foot pounds each in that star pattern or just tighten them down until you see a little bit of the red RTV coming out and then leave it don't tighten it all the way.

You can see the RTV is starting to come out and I'm literally just lightly turning it using only the head of this.

There's no torque and I'm just making sure. This is just tightened lightly by hand.

Once the RTV starts to come out like that you've done your job it's like that around the whole thing.

You're just gonna let it sit for an hour and then you're gonna torque it down to specs and the torque specs for this are 25 to 35 foot pounds.

Let's wait an hour and then we'll go torque them down now we're going to torque it down 25 foot-pounds star pattern good they're all torqued down. This is the proper service procedure for use of our TV to make a gasket the RTV cure is enough to add the gear oil in about an hour and it fully cures in 24 hours if this video was helpful click like and subscribe the likes help me out and if you subscribe you get feet update when I upload a new video and I have a few more videos here if you click on them they'll lead you to other how-to videos that are very helpful save you money.

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