How to Use StazOn Ink and Rubber Stamps in Jewelry & Make Earrings

0:02.111,0:00:06.111 Go to for all of your beading supply needs! 0:00:07.240,0:00:12.299 This is Julie with and I want to show you how to use StazOn ink 0:00:12.299,0:00:14.199 and rubber stamps 0:00:14.199,0:00:17.759 to adorn a stamping blank and making an earring. So you can use this 0:00:17.759,0:00:22.550 technique on all different types of surfaces. Plastic, laminent, metal or 0:00:22.550,0:00:26.090 whatever you like.

In this particular one I got these Nunn Design 0:00:26.090,0:00:29.710 blanks and I'm going to make an earring using this technique. 0:00:29.710,0:00:32.740 So you're going to need some StazOn ink 0:00:32.740,0:00:36.830 and you'll notice when you open it up it has a protected little cover. So you're going to keep 0:00:36.830,0:00:40.950 that cover on as long as possible so the ink does not dry out. 0:00:40.950,0:00:45.480 I've got a post of rubber stamps here. I have a bumblebee.

I have a little flower 0:00:45.480,0:00:47.240 and I have a dragonfly. 0:00:47.240,0:00:53.010 In the example here I used the bumblebee. So in this example I'm going to use the dragonfly.

0:00:53.010,0:00:55.880 What you're going to do is really very easy here. 0:00:55.880,0:00:59.180 So you're going to take your stamp and 0:00:59.180,0:01:01.760 press it down into the stamp pad 0:01:01.760,0:01:05.370 and then have a piece of white paper where you can just test to see how your 0:01:05.370,0:01:09.299 ink level is and just how much pressure you need to apply. 0:01:09.299,0:01:10.560 I like to refill 0:01:10.560,0:01:11.720 my ink 0:01:11.720,0:01:12.780 everytime 0:01:12.780,0:01:15.010 just so I know I have a good coating. 0:01:15.010,0:01:16.700 I'm just going to go ahead 0:01:16.700,0:01:22.320 and placed this stamp directly onto the metal blank. 0:01:22.320,0:01:25.820 Try to just go down and pull up. What you don't want to do is you don't want 0:01:25.820,0:01:28.050 to go like this.

How to Use StazOn Ink and Rubber Stamps in Jewelry & Make Earrings

0:01:28.050,0:01:34.800 So what you do is go down and up. 0:01:34.800,0:01:38.630 Now this is fast drying ink. It dries about three to five minutes. 0:01:38.630,0:01:43.540 It's going to be permanant so you don't need to seal it. 0:01:43.540,0:01:50.540 I'm just going to do a random pattern of dragonflies. 0:01:54.500,0:01:55.950 There you go. 0:01:55.950,0:02:00.990 To clean off the stamp I'm going to go ahead 0:02:00.990,0:02:03.939 and depress it onto the paper and that'll 0:02:03.939,0:02:05.680 get rid of excess ink. 0:02:05.680,0:02:08.900 When you're done with your stamping pad make sure you go and put the cover back on.

0:02:09.959,0:02:13.479 I actually want to go and add a little bit more detailing. So I'm going 0:02:13.479,0:02:19.169 to take my flower stamp. 0:02:19.169,0:02:20.419 There you go. 0:02:20.419,0:02:26.939 I'm going to put it along the edge. 0:02:26.939,0:02:33.939 You can see it's quite dramatic against the gold here. 0:02:37.929,0:02:42.679 I'm really happy with that. I don't feel I need to much more.

0:02:42.679,0:02:47.189 Now the beauty of this particular stamping blank 0:02:47.189,0:02:51.469 is that is identical on both sides so if I had messed up the top side I could just 0:02:51.469,0:02:53.419 flip it over 0:02:53.419,0:02:55.290 go ahead and stamp on the other side. 0:02:55.290,0:02:59.279 So I'm gonna let that dry and as that is drying I want to complete 0:02:59.279,0:03:02.809 the rest of my earring. So I've got this little bezel cup.

0:03:02.809,0:03:06.059 I've got a glass cabachon. 0:03:06.059,0:03:10.319 These are great because you can take a pair of chain nose pliers 0:03:10.319,0:03:13.829 grip one of the loops 0:03:13.829,0:03:14.939 and bend it back 0:03:14.939,0:03:17.649 and then that becomes a little hook you can 0:03:17.649,0:03:21.540 connect a jump ring or a eye pin through 0:03:21.540,0:03:27.929 So to adhere the cabachon I have some E6000. 0:03:27.929,0:03:33.339 I'm going to place a little on the back 0:03:33.339,0:03:34.979 and 0:03:34.979,0:03:37.839 drop that into my cup 0:03:37.839,0:03:40.109 and press into place. 0:03:40.109,0:03:43.109 Let's see how quick and easy it is to make this earring. 0:03:43.109,0:03:46.499 I also want to do a little bit of detail work. I'm going to bring that purple on top.

So 0:03:46.499,0:03:50.359 I've got an eye pin 0:03:50.359,0:03:53.219 going to slip it on to it. 0:03:53.219,0:03:57.159 I've got a pair of wire looping pliers. These are great because they allow you to really 0:03:57.159,0:03:58.559 very easily make 0:03:58.559,0:04:01.539 simple wrapped wire loops without having 0:04:01.539,0:04:03.180 to do multiple steps. 0:04:03.180,0:04:07.229 So you just take it.

0:04:07.229,0:04:09.139 I'm holding the wire 0:04:09.139,0:04:14.529 between that the rounded part and the concave part and I'm just going to press 0:04:14.529,0:04:18.259 and see how it's making that nice loop shape for me. 0:04:18.259,0:04:21.209 Just drag it around 0:04:22.270,0:04:26.289 Take my flush cutters 0:04:26.289,0:04:29.740 snip off the excess wire. 0:04:29.740,0:04:33.930 I know for this particular design you'll need my loops to be facing in 0:04:33.930,0:04:36.919 opposite directions. 0:04:36.919,0:04:40.430 I'm going to do that right now you can do this just by twisting one and holding one in 0:04:40.430,0:04:43.039 place. 0:04:43.039,0:04:45.939 I'm going to just twist the other one around. 0:04:45.939,0:04:49.089 You could have made it that way to begin with this well.

I tend to forget to do 0:04:49.089,0:04:53.489 that. So if you're like me you can just go ahead and twist it after the fact. As long 0:04:53.489,0:04:56.909 as it's not twist it too much or monkey with it too much 0:04:56.909,0:04:59.770 you're not gonna hurt the integrity of that wire. 0:04:59.770,0:05:02.979 So now I'm going to slip 0:05:02.979,0:05:06.289 my earring hook 0:05:06.289,0:05:11.099 so you open the base of the earring hook the same way you open up a jump ring. 0:05:11.099,0:05:11.770 Put that on there 0:05:11.770,0:05:18.030 and close that back up. 0:05:18.030,0:05:22.639 You'll see I'm trying to not touched this until it's dry.

0:05:22.639,0:05:25.240 I think we're good to go 0:05:25.240,0:05:26.909 in a few minutes 0:05:26.909,0:05:29.019 it does dry really quickly. 0:05:29.019,0:05:32.089 Open a jump ring 0:05:32.089,0:05:39.089 attach it to that little loop. 0:05:44.639,0:05:48.339 Link it through. 0:05:48.339,0:05:51.699 Close the jump ring. 0:05:51.699,0:05:56.469 Now all we have to do is do the top part then we're done with the earring. 0:05:56.469,0:05:59.520 You'll see how quick and easy it is.

You really can use a stamping 0:05:59.520,0:06:00.580 technique 0:06:00.580,0:06:04.279 on a wide variety of surfaces and for different applications in your jewelry 0:06:04.279,0:06:05.819 designs. 0:06:05.819,0:06:07.699 It's a fun of 0:06:07.699,0:06:09.949 adorning a 0:06:09.949,0:06:16.610 more simple piece. 0:06:16.610,0:06:18.729 There we go 0:06:18.729,0:06:22.669 we have a dragonfly earring. I'll put that next to the one with the bees. You can see the 0:06:22.669,0:06:23.659 difference.

0:06:23.659,0:06:27.249 They were both super easy to do and I'm going to take my finger, this one's been 0:06:27.249,0:06:29.190 drying for about twenty minutes now 0:06:29.190,0:06:32.310 it doesn't take that long but I like to err on the side of caution. 0:06:32.310,0:06:34.559 I did not seal this with anything 0:06:34.559,0:06:37.319 and it's not coming off. 0:06:37.319,0:06:40.509 It will stay on there. 0:06:40.509,0:06:45.919 That is how you use StazOn Ink, rubber stamps 0:06:45.919,0:06:49.360 and findings and blanks to make a pair of earrings to create unique jewelry. 0:06:50.919,0:06:54.360 Go to for all of your beading supply needs!.

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