How to Use the Thermoweb Adhesive Pen

Hello welcome to scrap time my name is Christine and in this video I'm going to show you how to use the thermal web adhesive pen in this video I'm going to be showing you the deco foil adhesive pen and how you can use it to add foiling to your mixed media projects as well as any projects this can be used on regular cards over different mediums I used it over a glaze here on three-dimensional objects.

It opens a whole new realm of possibilities.

I have a card here I think this was with different paint and i'm using this stitched art stencil from the crafters workshop now when you start to use your pen the first time you do it you want to push it down to make sure the glue is coming out.

It might take about 30 seconds to get the glue started and i'm going to place my spencer where I like it and I'm just going to go in now you want to make sure you get enough glue coming out of your pen cuz if there's no glue there's no foil.

How to Use the Thermoweb Adhesive Pen

I'm going to just leave it like that a little bit there and then I'm also going to write with this because it is a pen.

I'm just going to write hi now you could doodle with it you can just do the edges of something with it there's a lot of possibilities now I just need to let it dry for a bit i can see there's a bit of of the adhesives they're still wet you want to try and once it dries it will be tacky and that is what's going to adhere the foil.

I'm just going to give it a moment to dry and then we'll foil it.

It's only been about a minute and my adhesive is dry you'll know it's dry because it's clear and when you touch it it's a little tacky and that's what we want.

You can put your foil down and rub it but ceremony web also suggests running it through a die cutting machine and that just gives it really good pressure and.

I have a piece of black oil here i'm going to use and i'm just going to put it right over top of my card and you just put it as if you were die-cutting a thin rule died and it just gives it nice even pressure.

We'll remove our and you can see the black foil how it is there here I might have pressed a little too much and some of the glue gun under the stencil but it's nice and thick and beautiful and.

As I said this pen can work on anything you don't have to run your 3d items to anything you can just furnish the foil on with your fingers too and.

It's a way to add foiling to.

Many projects you might have on the go.

Check out the deco foil adhesive pen thanks for watching to give our video a thumbs up and subscribe to scrap time videos on YouTube in the meantime here are a few other videos you might be interested in watching see you next time bye bye.

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