How To Wax Your Underarms and Product Review of Sally Hansen Lavender spa wax kit

What's up guys? Sophia here and I'll be doing this Sally Hinson lavender spa wax kick product review as well as waxing my underarms and it comes with these waxing strips a stick to spread the wax as well as some stuff I don't know what. This is called to put on after to wipe the wax off and to moisturize your underarms as well as the wax and I've already melted the wax I put it in the microwave.

You just want to make sure you stir it up and you know that it's fully melted when you're able to fully stir through it so. This is my hairy underarms I know y'all tragic but it's all good.

What you want to do is first make sure that it's not too hot because you don't want to burn the skin underneath your arm off because your underarms are very sensitive use the stick to spread the wax underneath your arms and if you can see here the wax is actually supposed to be sliding or gliding on more than it is now like right now it's kind of sticky I don't know if that's just how the product was or if it was me.

A fix to this would be to apply the wax when it's a little more hot I did blow it I might have just blown it too much but like I said your underarm is sensitive you don't want to you know like burn some of your skin off.

How To Wax Your Underarms and Product Review of Sally Hansen Lavender spa wax kit

Once you apply the wax be sure that you apply the paper push down in the direction that your hair is growing which is kind of hard with underarm hair because I guess it just grows out and then you just want to rip it off and one big thing.

This one was the first one and it kind of went well and what you can do is just reuse the paper on a clean part and since there was already wax at the bottom you know and just put the paper over and wicks that wax that part off and as you can see the wax did not do that great of a job towards the second as you can see there's a lot of little stubble hairs left and.

Even right now I'm struggling to kind of place the wax it which wasn't gliding very freely and also for this product it was scented lavender and I did smell the lavender is it like the best lavender smelling thing that you will ever encounter in your life no it smells like lavender and wax but I mean if you want scented wax and hey go for it.

Once again applying it make sure that you push the paper and you want to make sure that it's pressed up against the hairs on your skin.

That it can grasp the hairs but once again you want to make sure that the wax is not too hot because if it is it will the paper will grab your hair and your skin and rip both of them off.

As you can see I'm kind of like struggling to get this hair off right now because in some spots it was doing really well and some spots not.

Much. This is not a normal wax consistency as you can see it's like really creamy normally when you have waxes is more like clear if that makes sense.

I guess. This is for sensitive skin and another thing about this product is that it was supposed to last eight weeks it did not last eight weeks nowhere near maybe like a week and a half.

Once again I'm just repeating the same steps over and over trying to grab the hair and if you're and obviously it's a wax.

If you're wondering if it hurts of course it hurts you know that's just the nature of wax any wax that you use and as you notice I'm going over the same spot over and over again because it's not grasping which was kind of crazy because as you can see I kind of let my underarm hair grow out a little bit and the reason I did that specifically was.

That I can show you guys how to wax your arms and I wanted the wax to actually be able to grab the hair which it's not in some spots.

I would think that. This is a definite downfall of the product but one good thing is that is you notice that I am dark-skinned and went or I'm black I shouldn't even say dark-skinned I'm black.

When you shave underneath your arms for dark-skinned people oftentimes you'll have like a black shadow from the stubble that did not occur it did get the middle of the hair enough in the middle of my armpit to have it not cast a shadow if that makes sense or for it not to look very dark underneath there but just going in the same places and trying to get the wax or get the hair to come out over and over again was very frustrating because it started to hurt after a while.

You know after I kind of finished the whole wax process as much as I could this was how it was going I used the little oily stuff to wipe it off that wax was very difficult to get off even with the little oil stuff that they provided and I Allen shoes has got a razor to get the miniature hairs that the wax missed which sometimes you just might have to do.

That's not necessarily a shock. This is how it looks after I feel like it looks pretty good the product is pretty good I mean it's not the worst it's definitely not the best and it kind of sort of smells like lavender alright guys if you're new to my channel please please be sure to subscribe I will be sure to talk to you another day another time bye YouTube.

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