How to wire the SCE168FC foot control to a cord set

Alright. This is how you connect the electronic controller to a chord set all items that you're going to need going to need something to strip wires I suggest something to warm up the wire.

That it'll you can squeeze the strain relief and fit it in i use a lighter you can use a hair dryer you're going to need a pair of needle nose pliers this all be important for squeezing together the strain relief and pushing wire in that hole and you may also need a razor for splitting the wire because sometimes it doesn't want to split evenly.

The first thing you start with is your cord set and most of the court sets come with terminal ends that we're not going to use.

I like to start by removing these terminal ends and there's wire cutters right here and these strippers.

How to wire the SCE168FC foot control to a cord set

I'm just going to cut that then I'm going to carefully pull this apart make sure that I'm not exposing any of the wire if this one's splitting nicely.

We're fine.

You're going to need a little bit of extra ah wire just to deal with you're going to want to strip some of the wire I use my wire nuts I'll show you with the wire nuts with these little things here I use these wire nuts to determine approximately how much of this wire I should expose and if you look at the stri rate striated portion of the wire or not you want your wire to be about that one doesn't need to be exact don't get too excited about that detail now you have to twist the stranded wire.

It's nice tight and compact do not skimp on this step because if you don't do this it won't go in the wire not properly. Okay.

That part's already now we need to open up the controller now on the controller you have one side that has a notch and one side that doesn't you're going to want to pop it from the side with the notch.

That the pin doesn't break off you can use a blade screwdriver I just use this because I already damn it out see the little pin just pops right out wiggle the other pin out this part we don't need for right now set it aside so. This is the base got a hole in the side wire goes through the hole and i usually give it another look when you twist you want to go looking down on the wire you want to go clockwise now we're going to take this pigtail the cape with the controller and take the two ends off and again twist and twist. Okay, now we're going to I line this up but it doesn't matter you can bend it if you need to if you don't get it lined up right. Okay, you don't want to twist these together you just want them to be close but not twisted I'm going to take your wire nut I'm going to put it over the top don't push down real hard to start twisting and and it will start to grab and it'll actually thread on to the wire and it'll be nice and snug same thing over here just want them to be closed not twisted together you let the wire not twist them together and I give it a little pull you can feel when there's some resistance and you've got it done properly push that down to the side and then you need to clip this on gets clipped right on there there's a little lever for releasing it and it'll snap right on there it's pretty easy. This is the part where people get stuck they can't get the wire not in its infinitely easier to get in if you warm up the wire a little bit do not burn it do not melt it just warm it up a little tiny bit.

It's easier to work with. All right, put the wire nut there I like flip the wire over to the other side you want to work quickly here because the wire will cool down quickly and it's easier to work with when it's warm take my needlenose pliers they squeeze with my other hand i push it into the hole and pull the wires out snaps in I'm a little old lady and I can do it. All right, now we're going to put the lid back on see this little nub here it has to go under that little nub there that's the first thing and then you want to do the non the part that doesn't have a slot put that pin in on that side and then sort of just pull this that way get that pin in your all snapped everything works all done.

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