How to Zombie-fy Your Stamps

Creepy greetings crafters. This is Julia with a video on how to zombify your stamps or Halloween if I it's going to get creepy though I'm going to be using these super cute Bionic bots by my favorite things and the matching dies and we're going to turn one of these robots into a zombie I'm going to start out by die cutting the shape of the rogue robot that I want to use from the front of my card base and folding this up and since the front piece is lifted a little bit i'm using post-it tape you can just use post-it notes to hold this down because i won't need this to be as flat as possible because in the next step i'm going to be stamping through this opening on the inside of my card base.

Here's this stamp that i'm going to be using and this robot has a heart and a big smile and we don't want the heart and the big small because we want to make him creepy.

I'm using tiny pieces of my posted tape to mask these areas off.

They will not get inked I don't want any ink on there when I stamp this.

How to Zombie-fy Your Stamps

I'm using my memento ink pad and at first I'm broking around the mast of areas because I don't want to accidentally lift off these tiny masks and then I'm lifting my ink pad very vertically up and down.

I can make sure i'm not shifting those masks then I'm taking them off with my Twitter's.

I don't get any ink on my fingers because huh that ruins any project and then it took me awhile to line this up correctly and I'm stamping through the opening on the inside of my card and i'm using Simon Says Stamp heavy cardstock because that doesn't bleed through to the back or when you use copics on it and you can see how cute this little window is here now I no need to helloween ePHI or zombify my robot.

I was like um let's make him a little bit like a Frankenstein monster.

I'm just drawing in you could think here i was thinking gore.

You have the creepier the better basically just some zigzag shapes there's nothing to this.

There is no drawing skill required I'm simply drawing in some irregular zigzag shapes across his body which I will then color in and you can see I'm trying to be as a random as possible here.

It doesn't look even and you can do as much or as little as you like and varied as much and as little as you like.

There you go but then it was like on the outside it looks a little bit um bland.

I'm drawing in cracks I looked up online what crack surfaces look like and they usually have some thicker cracks and then they have like a spiderweb of thinner cracks in between.

I'm drawing in the thick cracks and then I'm just doodling in thinner cracks and really again no drawing skills required at all look this up online you can see how these cracks look like and that's what I'm simply emulating here now to give a little bit more contrast to the robot on the inside I'm using hickory smoke distress ink and a dauber on my finger here to just add a little halo around this outline I'm holding down the card with my left hand really firmly.

It doesn't shift.

I don't get ink on the inside of my card and i just want to blend this out smoothly.

I can have some more contrast now for the coloring i'm going to play some music for you and let you watch you Oh as I was done with the coloring I added some sequence to the outside of the card and the sentiment sorry your systems crashed because I thought that was just.

Very hilarious I mean seriously that was.

Funny here's a view of the little robot inside of the card and how he peeks through the opening of the cartridge is.

Much fun it's really.

Much fun in real life and here you can see the gorgeous sequence by pretty pink posh and the super fun sentiment which just works perfectly with the Halloween theme of my card and here's the entire card and you can see how it looks when it stands up isn't that fun I hope you get inspired to look at your stamps in a more creepy way and thank you very much for watching today see you again soon bye.

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