Hp 10BII

Okay i'm going to show you real quick how to use your calculator i'm using a 10 B to not attend be 2 plus but when you get your calculator out of the box it should be set for 12 periods per year you can check that by clicking the orange key and C 12 periods per year. This means that if you were going to get a car for 60 months for the end and it was 1.5 nine percent interest that's interested for a year and the cost of the car was 27,000 the future value is zero because the car will be paid off your payment is for 68 42 now notice we did 16 months for n + 1.5 94 interest there's 60 months but the interest is on an annual basis because your calculator set to have 12 periods per year we want to change that because some of the problems we do are more complicated and we want to have one period per year which is actually matching your in to your interest rate.

What we're going to do is we're going to say one your orange key and your payment key to get one period per year and you check that by clicking aren't see one period pre here now we do the same calculation 60 months except now we're going to use the interest as a monthly total 1.5 9/12 which is equal to 1 point 0 point 1 325 I 1.13 on your display that's your interest the value of the car 27,000 future value 0 and your payment comes up to a 468 42 same payment except now your periods match your interest rate that will come in handy in future problems.

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