HP 10bii Unboxing

Hi everybody. This is eddie and tonight i'm going to be unboxing an HP 10 b 2 calculator from hewlett-packard it's the entry-level business and finance calculator now. This is the classic 10 b 2 calculator it's been out since the late 80s this video is taken by an ipad 2 this color scheme black and gold and blue is the latest reincarnation of the 10 B to D for Encarnacion involved purple and gold keys.

Let's get those unboxing started I just have my ordinary everyday scissors as always this calculator is permitted on the CFP exam I believe that certified financial planner.

If you are looking for a calculator to use on the certified financial planner exam you can you you are allowed to use this calculator. This is definitely a hard package to open because we have to cut through plastic.

Even with strong scissors you have to use some type of force I find it most helpful too cut one side and then maybe if i can get it open like that there we go blister pack is not open and now here's what you get with the classic 10 B to financial calculator as i get to struggle with the blister pack obviously. This is a cover right there you have the chemical substance notices i think they just started this recently you have the calculator itself point you in with its case it's kind of bits in a little tight doesn't it yeah it does fit in a little tight but it fits you kind of have to be careful with cases like this because this can easily you can easily turn it the calculor on without you knowing it.

I kind of recommend that you might get a stronger case for these types of calculators such as this one that cans with the HP 17 to be plus I would probably use this case rather than this case right here but then again this case is new it's a little bit tight it comes also with a full-blown paper manual that's been printed ever since 1988 obviously with updated fonts and let me give you a comparison here's the old 10 b 2 and here's the new one turn this feels very lightweight if we open up in the back we have to cr2032 batteries that fit very nicely which has basically been the standard for the HB 10 B to series and then let's turn it on and as usual you have the display it's very crisp music here's the old display compare the newer ones kind of more staller a little bit more skinnier than that classic I believe. This is chained.

Let me try 2 plus 3 times 5 yes. This is a chain calculor meaning that you all the inputs that you do on this calculator go right as you enter them with no precedence of order of operations.

Think of. This is a four banger this calculator does not offer reverse polish notation and just just in case you haven't seen a 10 B to the top row is your time value of money keys you notice the I / yr button that's the interest per year button.

You still have the number of periods but you can enter an annual interest rate your profit row is the second row cost price margin marca also this contains your net present value and eternal rate of return and also your annuity due and ordinary annuity settings third row is your statistics a place to enter your cash flows percent change and percent the percent works like any four-banger say if i had i bought this at 34 99 and the tax i add tax of 9.2 five percent it gives you the text by pressing the percent key press equals then i had paid thirty eight dot twenty-three cents for this this calculator has ten numeric memories it also has one special memory m you can store stuff in it you can easily add and we call em by these three keys the recut the dis calculator does offer storage arithmetic if I hit orange clear all briefly you'll be told how many payments per year this calculator is set up and by 12 payments per year it. This is set up naturally for monthly payment but that can always be changed the statistics are in the seven eight nine four five six key very hard to see the blue against the black background you've got mathematics keys this n n factorial only works on integers up to 69 your fixed setting is orange equals and then whatever number you want to put it on floating will be orange equals point and they have it marked display on this calculator they don't have it marked fixed you guys you're.

Square root key your square key your power reciprocal your logarithms and that's basically it that's the unwrapping of the HP.

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