HP Envy 5640 review!

Hey guys! Razak here and teh on redacted i mean you believe you guys. This is the HP envy 5640 all-in-one a printer.

Let's country's wireless and if you are wondering yes that is a touchscreen on it and it's pretty neat hassle it has loads of features per up printer that is the sheep really depend or getting and if it's on sale but I got it for $59.99.

About 60 bucks with taxes and all.

It's a really good price for the printer but I will have all the links in the description down below if you guys do want to check this out um the Amazon link will be down in description down below as well as the Best Buy links to that's what got a Best Buy.

Overall. This is a printer that does more than just printing it's all in one printer which means it has everything you can scan copy you can fax it you can print in black and color and it is overall can attend those features.

Yes that's screen is it 2.65 inch touch screen led.

Yes it does have color and not like some black black and white screen it has color.

That is a thumbs up right there and it is really easy to use with that user interference HP has built in you can print out coloring pages and much more.

Up here it opens and area the facts or the scanner you can like do it to loads of things with this that opens up and then we open it up and then we have our ink cartridges and much more.

Here we have our ink and this printer runs on number sixty-two ink and the inks are really cheap I mean 11 bucks for like the black ink then about like 15 bucks for the tricolor mix which you get which you get the magenta blue and yellow really nice and overall that is pretty cheap compared to other ink prices and different manufacturers and overall. This is my second HP smart printer we had one before this printer but it got like broken because my brother took out the screen it was mess but Betty was a different model it was it was a 56 or some I don't even know but that's not the point anyway, this printer also has an app now it's available on iOS App Store and the Play Store and I am LAN store once you download you just have to be connected to the Internet and then you can wirelessly print on your smartphone your tablet and much more.

That's really nice there and then this cool feature I think is pretty cool is when you hit print that little sliding thing right here opens up in these pretty close to what it does is that little toggle II slide they actually like that feature really nice but it doesn't kill itself yet to push it back in anyway, the paper slot is that the bottom is pretty DD's it holds up to 125 sheets of paper and it also is compatible with photo paper it can hold up to 25 nose which is pretty good overall the printer is really nice it raised 15 pounds overall has running mess it has a micro SD card slot and it is Wireless and it prints or something I didn't talk about.

The printing quality is really again tag on this printer is really nice this printer really depends on what you're printing let's say if you're printing a full-size full-page colored image yeah that's gonna take a little while without more than a minute or probably less exactly less than a minute but if you're printing small images that's ok.

Overall in the conclusion the printer is really nice you can do a lot of things with the printer setting up it setting up this printer is super simple anyone can do it if you are having trouble you can contact HP support they will help easily with this you can print off coloring pages and much more with the HP interference can adjust the screen brightness and a lot more things.

Overall this printer is really nice anyway, that's all for this video hope you guys did like it you should leave a thumbs up if you did and I'll talk to you guys in the next one peace.

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