Hunza Apricot Seed Kernels

In the remote recesses of the Himalaya Mountains between West Pakistan India and China there's a tiny kingdom called Hunza these people are known world over for their amazing longevity and good health it is not uncommon for hunter cuts to live beyond 100 years and some even to 120 or more visiting medical teams from the outside world report that there never has been a case of cancer and Hunza although presently accepted science is unable to explain why these people should have been free from cancer it is interesting to note that the traditional humza diet contains over 200 times more and a trilha side than the average American diet in fact in that land where there is no such thing as money a man's wealth is measured by the number of apricot cheese he owns hence the name unto gold the most prized of foods is considered to be the apricot seed kernel the women of HUD's are renowned for their strikingly smooth skin even into a dance stage generally their faces appear to be 15 to 20 years younger than their counterparts in other areas of the world they claim that their secret is merely the apricot oil which they apply to their skins almost daily prince khan of Hunza described how it was not uncommon to eat thirty to fifty apricot seeds as an after lunch snack although we don't recommend consuming that many at one sitting most of the huns of people are healthy vigorous and vital right up within a few days at the end of their lives the quality of life is more important than the quantity the Hansa cuts have both cancer is non-existent among the huns of people when they consume the traditional diet which in addition to the apricots consists of mainly grain and fresh vegetables these include buckwheat millet alfalfa peas broad beans turnips lettuce sprouting pulsar gram berries of various sorts all of these with the exception of lettuce in terms contain that frivolous side or vitamin b17 the huns of people utilize every part of the apricot the apricots are eaten fresh in the summer and dried for the winter months they remove the kernels live and sometimes roast them the avocado oil is used for cooking dressing and as a facial lotion many people have come to realize that it is better to take preventative measures to disease by incorporating superfoods such as the apricot kernels dried apricots fresh organic pineapples coconut water avocados and a myriad of detectable raw foods and vegetables that God has provided for our well-being even the American Cancer Society and other such agencies are telling North Americans to eat your fruits and veggies to reduce your chances of getting diseases such as cancer diabetes arthritis heart disease etc.

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