I review Wise Onion Rings & Campbell's Tomato Juice

A my Legion what's going on nice trying to do our version of the time to try to do another take of this I know what the heck happened yeah my one printer at w magical thing about huge from campus you didn't think about how being weak onion flavor rings.

That gave me inspiration to do this. This is wise onion rings flavor underrung wise is to box for these and head relish real robust onion ring flavor for wise from erick PA what they look like inside its mouth please mother ate onion ringing.

She has a beautiful new kitten named lilac Siamese the white Siamese cat named spunky and really sweet and these are what done during got to show you 10 down your eggs look like but I heard she said that the bean leaf one came out and about these do a little bit by headlock on foot a very light tasty snack very good and you do have a user onion flavor to them go I give those a 10 they also want to do a reveal this and I said the second taste Campbell's tomato juice from concentrate and this would like three out 69 from irvine the stretch it out I got it in my out before that a cup I got my uncle number one copy I got for my sister what for my niece nephew of my system to. Okay, for some in here already have some in there because they can take now let's try it out then this pure like straight up tomato juice is really good it says like it made with only feet season tomato to be faced with a fresh dissident and the robustness in the tomatoes it's really good I mean cuz v8 has like different vegetables and stuff like that to give it a more enhance flavor that phantom and you said it's really really good then it was 369 I believe that you're fine.

I get that out I give that also made item.

There you have it onion rings from wise and tomato juice from canvas they both get a 10 hope you enjoy this new format I'm trying out because my webcam will not the life may capture hold on to my video.

I'm gonna have to do it this way and hopefully it'll work. All right, I don't.

Hopefully. This is this digit of this take will take i can upload this and i hope you all enjoy Walter shouts us at lawrence why I've seen in a while they tried to deep-fry a hot pocket they should have might Wade the first but oh well that's up to them they're on their cool good why sad jobs to can't w magic in her little kitten function alright.

Next time take care of my league please.

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