iBall Trailer Backup Camera | Product Review | Wireless Cam for Hitching in Full Time RV Life

What's up y'all Kyle from driving environment here and you're watching road gear reviews today we're going to talk about a product that takes all the pain out of hitching up to your trailer stay tuned what's up y'all today we're talking about the eyeball trailer hitch camera and it's a wireless backup camera made to make hitching up to the trailer a breeze.

It's comprised of two parts. This is what it looks like you have the exterior camera and the interior monitor we'll go ahead and start by talking about this exterior camera first and foremost it's pretty small it is weather resistant.

You can use it during the rain or any nasty weather conditions and still get a good image the back of it right here has a magnetic strip and that's how you position it to get the best image possible we hook it up to the wall of the truck but you can also hook it up to the trucks trailer hitch or to the trailer hitch on the camper and it just gives you lots of options on how the best view is to get connected.

It uses a 5.8 gigahertz transmission to send the image that this creates to the interior monitor and that's a pretty good frequency to receive an image that is clear they say that there is a 50-foot span that it will reach but that's an unobstructed span.

iBall Trailer Backup Camera | Product Review | Wireless Cam for Hitching in Full Time RV Life

If there are things in the way the image might become staticky we have not had an issue between the truck in the trailer whenever we've used this product but I can imagine on long rigs that it could become an issue.

This little lens right here it's like a fisheye lens in that it gives you a really full span of the area you're backing up into they say it has a 120 degree view range I'm not quite sure what that means but I do know the times that we've used it we've been able to see more than enough to make the hook-up much easier and whenever this thing runs out of battery in which it does have an interior lithium battery there's an easy connection right here to hook up to USB charging that allows you to plug it in the computer or anywhere else you have a USB power adapter.

That kind of sums it up for the stats in the specs here on this exterior camera now we'll talk about the interior monitor. This is what it looks like right here that is a 3.5 inch screen not the largest screen but I definitely big enough to see where you're going it has 12 volt connection right there.

You can plug it right into your vehicle and. This is a 6 inch gooseneck.

You can get like the proper positioning of the screen whenever you're viewing the back up.

The interior monitor also has a lot of options as far as how you view the image inside you can adjust the brightness to it you can also adjust the contrast I'll show you a few examples right now I'm doing that adjusting and also show you the span of image that you receive this first image that you're looking at is whenever the camera is attached to the wall back wall of the truck and that's the image we usually like to use whenever we're backing up and connecting the trailer you can also get a more direct view of the ball and that is whenever it's placed right there on the trucks hitch and it's still the magnetic holds well you can see the ball going directly back into the camper but also a third option is putting it on the trailer hitch that's where you're looking at now and this gives you a different view of the truck backing into the trailer.

Just depending on what view works best for you which one you're most comfortable with you can adjust it accordingly and that is one of our favorite pros about the eyeball backup camera is that it has it has a lot of flexibility into the image that you're seeing and the angle in which you're moving towards it along with that the affordability of the unit it's right around 150 dollars depending on if there's a sale or not on Amazon but that's a pretty good price considering how portable. This is it costs a lot more to get one of those cameras installed directly into your vehicle.

This option will save you some money and still get you connected easily as far as some of the considerations to take before getting a unit like this it's not ideal for long rigs that 50 feet span is too short for you.

Once you start getting on that 50 foot rating triticeae static and for the truck like that we have there is no issue but if you are at a huge Class A and you're using it to kind of hook up your tow vehicle it might become an issue at that point also another minor thing is that this gooseneck is just like 2 or 3 inches too short to make it really good for us right now whenever we hook it into the truck we can still see the image great we can get a good position but it butts up right against the steering wheel it's not a big issue but I wish that we had just a few more inches in that length to kind of separate it from the steering wheel.

My hand doesn't accidentally knock into it whenever I'm turning the wheel to back up to the trailer overall we really enjoy the eye ball I think it would be great for solo travelers or people who often hook up their rigs by themselves it really saves you time from getting out of the vehicle looking and getting back in and moving again and making those adjustments because you're being able to see it all there right on screen as it's happening give this video a thumbs up if you liked it let us know what you think of the eyeball if you use one yourself and also don't forget to tell us what type of products you want to see reviewed here on road gear reviews we have new videos coming out every Wednesday about good products to use on the road for your travels.

Keep in tune subscribe to the channel give it a big thumbs up and we'll see y'all next time.

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